Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 HIGHER: What is TOFW, Really?

Time Out For Women 2013 “HIGHER”

Friends, I am so excited to invite all of you to come with me to TOFW this year! I was chosen to be one of the members of the TOFW Team of volunteers (I have applied for 3 years!) that help with promotion, group registration, and the actual event itself. I love TOFW. I have been a guest blogger for them twice and the event is life changing! It is a place to go to get your bucket refilled, a place to realize your potential, a place to be together with your friends and family, a place to remember who YOU are, a place to feel inspired, to feel the spirit. If you have any questions about TOFW please ask. I hope to see you there!
Eventbrite - 2013 HIGHER Tour - Salt Lake City, UT
Becky registered for 2013 HIGHER Tour - Salt Lake City, UT at Eventbrite!
Location: Maverik Center - Salt Lake City, UT
I had Team Member Training tonight up at the Desert Book Headquarters and it was wonderful! What a great group of women!    IMG_78991044887_670405756309345_1303630315_n
There I am front row and center!
IMG_7887IMG_7888 IMG_7889 IMG_7890
After the training we got to go over to their flagship store and have a treat from the Lion House Pantry and these amazing lemon almonds from Parley Street. AMAZING!!! We could also shop and get 20% off our complete purchase.  I grabbed a couple conference issues of the Ensign, a missionary card to send away and a “Mercy River” cd appropriately titled “HIGHER”.
 IMG_7891 IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7894 IMG_7895 IMG_7896
The BAG! LOVE IT! The best bag yet, maybe. I still love my green one. :-)

 The cd had me in tears the whole way home. Each song spoke to my heart, mind and soul.
Hot off the press yesterday! The pamphlet for SLC TOFW!
Look at the presenters!  This will be the best TOFW yet!  I am thrilled that Laurel is back talking too.  She may not be as big a name as ANN ROMNEY but I love this lady.

IMG_7903 IMG_7904 

Lots of firsts at this TOFW. This is the first ever TOFW in an arena.  8500 women are expected. The seating and costs are now staggered.  Register early before October 23rd to SAVE money and get the best seat possible.  They will have a huge 40 ft screen so you will be able to see no matter where you sit.  This isn’t a huge arena so you can still see the face of the presenter no matter where you sit.

I will be putting some group orders together. If we have 4 or more women register at one time we SAVE money. Let me know if you want to go and I will add you to an order.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ragnar 2013-10th Anniversary Wasatch Back

These are all of the pictures I took unedited. Click on the album to  see all of them.

RAGNAR- Wasatch Back 2013


IMG_71431st Leg Complete- 2pm Thursday





Leg 2 Complete 2am-Friday


    IMG_7232 IMG_7233 IMG_7234 IMG_7235

IMG_7236 IMG_7237

Leg 3 Complete- 2pm-Friday 


Race Pictures from packing to cleaning off the paint:

IMG_7127 IMG_7131 IMG_7135 IMG_7140  

IMG_7159 IMG_7174 IMG_7205 IMG_7222 IMG_7244 IMG_7256 IMG_7259 IMG_7250  IMG_7300  IMG_7262 IMG_7263 IMG_7265 IMG_7268 IMG_7270 IMG_7271 IMG_7274 IMG_7276IMG_7288 IMG_7289 IMG_7293 IMG_7308