Sunday, August 25, 2013

Progress is Slow

I want to be down 30 pounds.  NOW! Gaining weight was FAST but losing weight is SLOW! It is easy to become discouraged. I made the mistake of getting on the scale Friday. I was feeling great and my pants were a bit looser so I just had to peek. 3 pounds up!!! UGGHHH! The scale isn’t always my friend and Friday it created a downward spiral in my plan . I ate well until mid afternoon. It was my first day back working and maybe that had something to do with it too but I ate more calories than I should have (about 2500 for the day). Well then yesterday I felt munchy all day and again I ate more than I should have.

Today my mind is back in the game. Sunday is a good day to step back and focus on the big picture. I need to be okay with 1 pound loses or gains. I need to pat myself on the back when I go for a walk rather than sit on couch. I am not perfect but I am trying. I am feeling more toned and seeing a little progress. Rather than slip further off track I am back in the game.

Working everyday I need to figure out when exercise will happen. I start at 6am getting kids ready and off then I am off. Once I get home the after school hours are busy with carpooling, sports games, homework, chores. Maybe after kids are in bed I can get a bit of cadio.

I can do this!!!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 10

Breakfast: strawberries 100 cal, vanilla carbmaster yogurt 60 cal, 4 cups water

Lunch: boca burger 70 cal, flat bread 100 cal relish 15 cal, multi grain crackers 140 cal, 4 cups water

Snacks:apple 100 cal, 4 cups water

Dinner: foot long turkey ham subway 560 cal, 4 cups water

Exercise: morning 1.75  mile walk, pushups, crunches, 2 mile evening walk

Total calories: calories 1045 cal

Water: 16 cups

Week 1 Accountability- Feeling Great

IMG_2240 IMG_2241 IMG_2276

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 7

This first week has been a lot easier than I had thought it would be.  The difference is my mind is in the right place.  I am keeping focused on my goal. I am praying A LOT! Tomorrow I step on the scale. I feel like my body has changed quite a bit this week. I know there will be some pretty awesome results on the scale. The first week is always the best for results!!!

Exercise:  I began the Day with 12.25 mile bike ride and a 1.5 mile cool down walk. 4 cups water

Breakfast: strawberries 100 cal, yogurt 60 cal

Snack: banana 90 cal, leftover yellow squash 25 cal

Lunch: boca burgers 140 cal, flat bread 100 cal, relish 25 cal, multi grain chips 140 cal, 4 cups water

snack: 4 cups water, water flavor 10 cal

exercise: 1 mile walk

Dinner: casserole 400 cal, nuggets 200 cal, 4 cups water

snack:  watermelon 200 cal, wheat thins 140 cal

Total Calories: 1620

Tomorrow morning I will weigh in. :-)

Endomondo Cycling Workout

Endomondo Cycling Workout

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 6

Breakfast: A few strawberries and a bite of yogurt 75 cal (I was running out the door to Church)

Snacks: wheat thins 70 cal 4 cups water

Lunch: quesadilla with cheese and turkey 350 cal, tortilla chips 140 cal, salsa 50 cal, fruit salad 150 cal 4 cups water

Snack: Skinny Cow 100 cal, 4 cups water

Dinner: bow tie pasta 220 cal, yellow squash 80 cal, marinara sauce 80 cal, cheese 140 cal, 4 cups water

Exercise: Sabbath Day of rest

Water: 16 cups

Total Calories: 1455 calories

We Did IT!!! Bucket List Item #1. CHECK!

4:30 am and ready to walk out the door!

IMG_1708 IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1731 IMG_1738 IMG_1747 IMG_1751 IMG_1758 IMG_1759 IMG_1779 IMG_1825 IMG_1827 IMG_1828 IMG_1858 IMG_1898 IMG_1948 IMG_1920 IMG_1928 IMG_1972 IMG_2022 IMG_2029 IMG_2067 IMG_1950

Day 5

Today I was up at 4 am to drive up to Park City for my hot air balloon ride. Then football game, football dinner and ended the day at the Temple. Not home much for healthy food and no time for cardio.

Breakfast: nectarine 90cal, banana 90 cal

Snacks: wheat thins 300 cal

Lunch: boca burger 70 cal, relish 15, flat bread 100 cal, tortilla chips 180 cal, peach 90 cal

Snacks: apple 100 cal, wheat thins 200 cal

Dinner: chicken breast 220 cal, rice 150 cal, salad 35 cal

Snacks: popcorn 180 cal, grilled cheese 300 cal

water :12 cups

Total calories: 1820

I was extremely tired and being up long hours has my body wanting a second dinner. Better day tomorrow!

Exercise: 30 push ups, 30 sec plank, 50 crunches


Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 4

Yesterday I was so proud of myself.  I had a wedding cake to make.  Not just a simple wedding cake but a decadent heavy dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache dripping over it.  Divine!  Guess what, not one lick! Nope!  I kept my self control and never even tasted any of it. It smelled heavenly, every part of it! 

Today I started the day with a lovely walk/run up the end of the road.  3 miles with a bit of an incline.  It felt great to get my heart pumping a little!

Breakfast: 6 cups water, strawberries (2 cups) 100 cal, vanilla carbmaster yogurt 60 cal.

Lunch: boca burger 70cal, flat bread wrap 100 cal, relish 15 cal, nectarine 90 cal, tortilla chips 170 cal, 2 cups water

Dinner: Olive Garden lasagna primavera with grilled chicken  (under 575) 550 cal, salad (dressing on the side) 120 cal, 4 cups water

Snacks: small banana 70 cal, tortilla chips 100 cal, celery 15 cal, skinny cow chcolate truffle ice cream bar 100 cal, 4 cups water

Exercise: 3 miles walking/running

Total water: 16 cups

Total calories: 1560 calories

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 3

Breakfast: strawberries 100 cal, vanilla carbmaster yogurt 60 cal, 4 cups water

exercise: 1 1/2 mile walk

Lunch: flat bread 100 cal, lean turkey 80 cal, peach 90, hashbrowns 160 cal, 4 cups water

Dinner: casserole 600 cal, peas 100 cal, 2 cups water

Snacks: tortilla chips 220 cal, apple 120 cal, celery 20 cal, 4 cups water

Total: 1530 cal

Water: 12 cups

Exercise: 1 1/2 mile walk, 300 crunches, 50 push ups, 25 squats, 50 jumping jacks

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 2

Breakfast: banana 90 cal, strawberries 100cal, carbmaster yogurt 60 cal. 6 cups water

Lunch: boca burgers 140, relish 15 cal, tortilla chips 280 cal, nectarine 90. 4 cups water

Dinner: chicken breast 200 cal, rice 220 cal, peas 80 cal. 3 cups water

Snack: Apple 115 cal, celery 10 cal

Total Calories: 1400

Exercise: 2 1/2 mile walk, 2 miles bike, 200 crunches, 50 jumping jacks, 50 push ups, 20 squats

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Accountability

IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1620

Here it is… the truth!  Scales don’t lie!!! Sadly I was at 210 just 6 months ago and it has just kept climbing at an alarming rate. I have eaten up every pound.  I will now work off every pound. One year ago I was 202! I was running 5  days a week and

I felt AMAZING!!!

I felt strong!


Today’s numbers:

Food: strawberries 150 cal, carbmaster yogurt 60 cal, lean turkey lunchmeat 120 cal, 1 slice bread 80 cal, carrots 80 cal, celery 60 cal, boca burgers 140,relish 45 cal, grapes 180 cal , drink flavoring 10 cal (Total calories 925) Oops, tomorrow I will eat more.

Water: 14 cups

Exercise: 4 1/2 miles walked, 1 mile bike


A New Goal

I am setting a goal and am I going to post updates here at how I am doing. I really feel that writing down a goal and how you are going to reach it is key. My goal is under 200 lbs by February 2014! I want "ONEDERLAND" again!!! I am going to reach it by eating 1200 - 1500 calories, drinking at least 10 cups of water a day and moving my body a minimum of 15 miles per week (walking, running, elliptical) or 25 miles if biking. I deserve to feel good!
What is your goal?
Checking in as of 10 am Tuesday: Breakfast: 2 cups strawberries 100 cal, vanilla Carbmaster yogurt 60 cal, 4 cups water.
exercise: 1 1/2 mile walking the dogs
2012-04-27_10-13-50_169 This is the last time I was under 200lbs that I can remember. 198 lbs in March of 2012. I can’t wait to be there again!!! I WILL do this!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Feeling Blessed and Finding Balance

I am so thankful to have a loving Heavenly Father that knows me and can fill my needs through earthy angels.  One in particular blessed my life greatly tonight. I am very blessed!!!

This blog of mine is my journal. It is easy to forget that what I write affects others. I can write something in the heat of the moment and press publish and there it goes off into  the world wide internet to stay.  No matter what I do those words in ink will have reached someone else's eyes and possibly their heart.  I can delete the post but the words are still floating in the air. 

The incredible thing is that often my biggest mistakes  end up bringing about much needed change.  I have a lot going on in my heart and mind right now.  Lots of figuring out to do.  Sometimes I express things in the wrong way or the wrong place. Writing my feelings always brings me peace as I free my soul from those things that are troubling me.  The mistake lies in sharing those feelings with all the world.  My line of private and public has become a bit blurry.   As much as I enjoy sharing my journey with others and being very honest about my struggles sometimes I think I need to keep things more private. I am trying to find balance.

I will continue to post but I will be more generic and less frequent. My journey is changing and becoming very spiritual and thus a bit more private.  As I am ready to share more I will do so.

Enjoy the journey that you are on.  All of us experience peaks and valleys in our lives.  Be there to pull someone up from their valley and they will be there to rescue you from yours. Each of us has so much to be thankful for.  I am working on recognizing mine more and more each day.