Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrate, but without food!!!

BELOW 200 again!!! YEAH 100’s.  Goodbye 200’s I hope to NEVER see you again!!! Just 1 month ago I saw 209 on the scale. I love that we have the ability to change!!! Our bodies are our temples to our spirit and I have a renewed desire to feed it only  the best, healthiest foods and to keep it running at it’s best by exercising.  With my spiritual cup filled from Women’s Conference I feel like anything is possible again. 

I have let a lot of doubt into my mind but with My Heavenly Father and Savior by my side I can do ANYTHING I want to.  I must have faith in my ability to keep this change.  We ALL have this strength within us but we have to believe it.  YOU are strong enough to change!!! Pray to find the strength if you are doubting.

I still have 1 month till my birthday so I do believe I will make my goal of 195 and maybe hit 190. Wahooooo!!!!!

In talking with my doctor she told me to stay between 185 lb and 205 lb for my healthy weight range, with these huge bones I have, so yes, I am healthy! BMI doesn’t agree but I wrote about my love, yeah right, of charts and weights  a long time ago.derbywomensconfbjhand 307

derbywomensconfbjhand 328derbywomensconfbjhand 331

Pictures to document the event. and Yes they were taken at a doctors office. Embarrassing the things I do to get a decent picture. I really don’t look much different but my jeans are very comfortable rather than tight. ( Oh my curvy saddle bags!  I must embrace them because they are nearly all skin with little fat and they have shrunk a lot so there I am, all of me!)

I know I take and post a lot of pictures of myself but I still have a hard time realizing my REAL, ACTUAL size.  I can read a size 7/8 curvy on my jeans but it doesn’t hit me the huge difference between that and a size 30/32 that I used to see. Hang in there with me.  I am starting to feel comfortable in my skin again.  I am starting to get better control of my eating and that makes me happy.  I really feel like I can tackle this weight thing for good!  I have the ability to choose. 

Why would I want to give my happiness away by making poor choices. 

(My weight doesn’t necessarily bring me happiness but I am realizing that it reflects very accurately how well I am doing with handling my whole life. When any part of our lives is out of balance it makes it very difficult to keep afloat in the other areas.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Motivational Quotes For TODAY!


I love starting my day with a run.  It gets me out of bed with the sunrise and my body gets challenged first thing.  I feel like I can tackle whatever comes my way because I am taken care of.  I am now a runner, biker, workout person. I feel a need to sweat and push my body.  It still seems so unreal that 3 years ago I would barely walk up the stairs without getting out of breath and now I’m preparing for my 3rd half marathon.  Change is possible.  It is hard work and require DAILY dedication to keep it up but it is WORTH IT, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Enjoy these motivational quotes.



Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeling Good

It sounds crazy but I actually felt really good putting on my spandex running capris this morning. My weight hasn’t really changed but I liked how I felt. That makes me so happy!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Running Partner


 This is Daina and she is AMAZING!!!  The best part is that not only do we run altogether but Daina is a fantastic friend, one of my very closest friends.  We also serve together in Cub Scouts and we do a preschool co-op together. I love this woman!  <Crazy,  but back about 5 years ago I felt like I wasn't good enough to be friends with her.  She is so out of my league!!! > I am very blessed to know such a talented and spiritual woman. Her talents and abilities blow me away. I come home from running with her ready to face my day because I can share anything and everything with her and she gives great advice or just listens. The bonus is that we are running so we are keeping our bodies healthy. I look forward to running not because I love it but because I get to be with this wonderful woman for 45 min before I face the rest of my day. I hope if you run that you find a friend to run with.



This is Daina with her equally amazing husband Logan.  We have been blessed to have him as our Bishop and now as a member of our Stake Presidency.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I am different now.

I had a great conversation with my BFF the other night.  I poured out my heart to her and I always come from those conversations with a greater understanding of who I am and what I want from my life.  I realized yet again that I am a different person now. I have to put my health first!  I am important!  It is not selfish to take care of myself!!! I need exercise and I need to treat my body right.  Change is a good thing.  There is nothing more constant in life than change!

I have a goal that I set for myself and my wonderful friends and husband are giving me great encouragement to reach my goal.  Even when I doubt myself, they tell me I can! I want to be at least where I was last year on my birthday, 195 pounds.  The icing on the cake would be to reach 190 pounds.

So here are some great motivational quotes for the day:


I am a changed woman.  It takes hard work everyday not to go back to the OLD me but I will keep working hard to be who I know I was meant to be!


These pictures were taken exactly 3 years ago.  I am NOT that woman anymore.  My heart is the same but so much of me is changed FOREVER. 



Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Just because you aren’t home is no reason not to try to eat well and exercise.  Here are a few pictures from our family spring break. I worked out in the exercise room on the bike, treadmill and stair stepper along with all of their cool weight machines. I also played racket ball, tennis, volleyball,  hiked, swam and just had fun with the family outdoors.  I even ate some great meals and brought along boca burgers rather than eating hotdogs and had fruit rather than syrup on my pancake.  Baked chips and skinny cow “ice cream” also makes you feel like you aren’t missing anything.  So vacation is NOT an excuse not to take care of yourself. All of this in 3 days!

spring break2012 131spring break2012 140spring break2012 155spring break2012 153spring break2012 244spring break2012 408spring break2012 412spring break2012 465spring break2012 568spring break2012 109spring break2012 591spring break2012 617spring break2012 639spring break2012 828

spring break2012 186

I do all of this to be here for my family and to enjoy my time with them!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pushing Myself

082As soon as I dropped Jaimee off at preschool I knew I had 2 hours to myself.  I jumped on my bike and I rode and rode.  It was a great ride! The elevation gain was 822 feet and I sure felt it but never stopped!  It felt so good to push myself!087091

The skin of it all…

I have thought of posting this many times but it is so personal that I haven’t done it.  Well, I am doing this for others who are going through a similar transformation as I have been through and wants to know what to expect. Here is the whole pictorial story of what happens to your skin when you lose about 200 pounds. Go to my weight loss/exercise tips page and scroll down to see the rest of the story.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I want off the rollercoaster!

I have been tracking my calories a lot better and exercising well,  BUT the scale is up!  Way UP! Like 5 pounds for the week UP! AGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get me off this




Here is my weekly picture before I knew what the scale said:

general conf arp 2012 054

A scale with a tape measure wrapped around it tied in a bow. The display window says HELP!  White background. Dieting concept.

I am really trying not to let this get me down but oh how I hate the scale sometimes!!!  I must say that the scale read 207.6 last Sunday then 203.8 on Wednesday but today it said 209! YUCK I HATE that number!!!  I NEED TO SEE the 100’s AGAIN!