Friday, August 31, 2012

A Little Reminder of How Far I’ve Come

 Sometimes I just need a little visual reminder of where I’ve been and where I am now. Even though I am not exactly where I want my weight to be I need to rejoice at how far I’ve come and that I am fighting not to go back to where I was. I must notice though that I was happy no matter what my size is.  I have always been very blessed with a lot of love in my life and from that comes HAPPINESS!


About 3 1/2 Years Ago.

phone Aug 2012 280

Last Month

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Monday Night

100_30047 years ago

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This Summer


5 Summers Ago


3 Years Ago

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2 Weeks Ago

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt

We have this amazing park close by with an incredible rope pyramid.  My boys love climbing on it and reach the top very quickly.  The girls stay on the lowest section. It is really high, 30 feet high.  It scares me to watch them play tag up there and jump from one rope to another and even climb on the outside.  Sometimes I just have to turn away I worry so much. 

Well, this past Monday we went to Neptune Park for an activity for Family Home Evening. I have climbed up before but only a little ways to where my hands could touch the net.  That was high enough.  Dan was climbing too and Nathan said,” Mom I know you and Dad can touch the ball at the top. YOU CAN DO IT!” My son had complete faith in my ability to climb.  Well I was already scared half to death to be actually sitting on the net and then standing on the net for a picture.  That was enough for me. 

My inner voice was saying NO WAY!  YOU CAN”T DO THIS.  THIS IS HARD.  YOU ARE SCARED!!!  I was terrified!  Well Dan continued climbing as well as our 3 boys.  Off they went feeling safe and confident.  I looked up and realized that I don’t need to question my strength and agility. I am not the 400 pound woman I once was. I could do this.  Yes it was scary but I had the ability to do this! One step at a time I made it to the top.  This was HUGE for me!  I overcame a very real fear and put myself in what I believed was danger and became victorious over my self doubts.  Go do something that stretches your beliefs about yourself.  It is very freeing and you will feel AMAZING!



News article quote:  — A 30-foot climbing pyramid is the star attraction of a new regional park that boldly sends the signal that playground fun is making a comeback over the litigious season that spelled the demise of the merry-go-round and the teeter-totter.

"The (City) Council wanted to go and reach out and really capture attention with something," said City Manager Mark Christensen.

The "Neptune" pyramid is being billed as the largest of its type, and one of only three in the world, said City Councilwoman Rebecca Call. Its size makes it taller than most two-story houses.

Reality and Change

wedding cake back to school 2012 125wedding cake back to school 2012 016

My amazing friend and running partner and I have embarked on a 35 day challenge to lose 10 pounds.  She is tiny already but has always had a goal to lose 10 pounds more to feel great and heaven knows I have closer to 20 pounds I really want to lose.  Anyway, we are running 6 days a week, just 3-4 miles a day.  We are to keep our calories around 14oo and sticking to a food list we created for ourselves individually.  We each created our own vision boards to give encouragement.  Well as you can see the scale had climbed up further but it is coming down.  I fluctuate so much with water weight but I can’t wait to see 100’s again. 

It will happen! 

35 days till I reach at least 10 pounds lost!!!


wedding cake back to school 2012 015

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Angels: Personal Entry

I use my blogs as my journal as well so this may seem like a weird blog enrty but I need to write this.

I have really felt like I have been blessed with so many earthly angels lately. They come in all shapes and sizes. This is as a reminder that I am loved and watched over closely by my Heavenly Father.  He knows me and He is blessing me through ALL I come into contact with.

Some of my angel visits:

  • my sweet husband quietly doing the dishes and laundry after a long day of work
  • a quick "hi" over the fence by my dear friend Stace when sitting on the porch late into the evening while searching in the Ensign for a message of comfort
  • a huge hug from my little Jaimee when she sees me getting frustrated
  • encouraging words to keep me running from my amazing running partner and friend Daina when I feel like I can't go any further
  • a smile and love notes given to me during sacrament meeting by my Laura
  • a firm handshake and heart felt, "How are you?" from my wonderful Bishop.
  • a sincere compliment on my outfit from my wonderful Relief Society President, Kim
  •  being told my my dear friend and neighbor Teresa that my lesson touched her and she learned something she hadn't thought of before
  •  Brandon snuggling up to me on the bench at church and wanting me to cuddle him
  • Running into Laurel at Thanksgiving Point and hugging her and seeing her beautiful smile.Then her sweet reply to my message that I inspire her but really SHE is one of my inspirations.
  • hearing from a sister, Katrina, that I used to visiting teach that I was an answer to her prayers
  •  the smiles of strangers at Education Week
  • the inspired messages by the speakers that I was able to receive inspiration on how to be happy and successful during this mortal journey
  • Nathan giving me a big kiss on the cheek and saying, "I love you." 
  • The lingering hug from my biggest boy Michael after a long emotional discussion
  • A phone call from my sister Anna
  • Text messages from friends
  • Kind blog comments
I have loved this song ever since I heard it many years ago.  I hope as you watch it that you will think of some of your earthly angels.

What was most important this past week….

I have found that when I focus too much on myself and my exercise and eating right that I get overwhelmed and it leads to eating more and not the good stuff.  I have tried reaching outside of myself more and focusing on what is most important in life, my family and strengthening my faith in Christ, to keep me on track.  It is slowly helping.

Here are some pictures of my past week.  I have loved every minute.  I wish I had my camera with me for my weekend taking care of Dan’s mom with the two girls and visiting my grandparents in the rest home.  Those were huge highlights to my week also as well as teaching the Gospel Doctrine lesson on The Stripling Warriors.

phone Aug 2012 204

Letting them choose whatever they want to eat at lunch.

phone Aug 2012 222

phone Aug 2012 233

phone Aug 2012 231

phone Aug 2012 230Stopping at the park on the way home from town to let the kids play for a few minutes.

phone Aug 2012 155

Doing facials with the girls.

phone Aug 2012 163Getting my toes painted by the best.


Attending a wonderful day at Education Week that filled my heart with exactly what I needed to hear. My Heavenly Father was so kind to me that I came home with my cup overflowing with the spirit.

phone Aug 2012 352Impromptu water play.

phone Aug 2012 427phone Aug 2012 423phone Aug 2012 270phone Aug 2012 393 

phone Aug 2012 284

A fun day out with my girls instead of spending 12 hours at BYU’s Education Week because they needed their Mom!

phone Aug 2012 332


phone Aug 2012 398Stopping to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

005Silly string fight!


byu dancesport 093Enjoying the sunset.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Master Muffin Recipe

It has been a little while since I have focused on posting my recipes I create weekly.  I am always creating new recipes, sometimes daily, but I don’t write down ingredients very well.  I told my kids that with so many school fees and extra curricular costs that we needed to cut way back on our grocery budget which means that mom bakes a lot more.  I love baking but adds temptation in my path.  I will try to be strong.  Anyway, here is a master recipe that you can add whatever flavor you’d like to and it is delicious.

Whole Wheat Master Muffin Recipe

Recipe Created by Becky Jones

byudancesport2012 muffins 095

Pictured counter clockwise from the bottom: Huckleberry jam, plain, chocolate chip and cinnamon/nutmeg.


8 cups whole wheat flour

4 tbsp baking powder

2 tsp salt

Mix dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

2/3 cups honey

1/4 cup canola oil

3/4 cups organic unsweetened applesauce

2 cups non fat milk

2 cups water

2 eggs

Mix together and add to dry ingredients. Mix until well incorporated.  Fill muffin tins 3/4 full.  Use pap4er liners or spray muffin pans with nonstick spray. Bake for 20 min at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This recipe makes 48 muffins.  You can half this recipe.

Add ins:

  • chocolate chips (as many or as few as you desire) This is my children’s favorite!
  • cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract
  • jam
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • apple chunks and cinnamon
  • add a streusel topping (brown sugar and cinnamon with a little butter)
  • cheese
  • parsley and garlic powder
  • bacon bits and cheese

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new goal and reward!

I just got back a few days ago from an amazing family reunion with my mom and 5 siblings in Canada.  It was so good to see everyone and be together.  Being gone 9 days was havoc on my eating and exercise.  I could have exercised and eaten right but I choose to put everything on vacation.  Did I enjoy it YES!!!  Does the scale show it YES!!!  (All the way up to 209. OUCH!!! Sometimes it is hard to be honest when the numbers are so far away from where I need to be.) So here I am really excited to be back on track.

My amazing husband has been losing weight at a very healthy pace since February.  I am so proud of him.  He has changed his eating habits and now finds ways to get a little exercise. He has lost 35 lbs so far!family reunion 826

We are both needing a little, actually I need A LOT, of motivation to keep going.  So I came up with a plan to get motivated.  Our 18th Anniversary is this December.  We haven’t been on more than a night or two away in 11 years.  I figure that a real vacation away would be a fantastic reward.  I really want to see 189 lbs again. I haven’t seen the 180’s since my gallbladder surgery over a year and a half ago.  My hubby will work on losing 20 pounds.  Actually both of us will need to lose 20 pounds in order to book our vacation.  We are thinking a last minute Caribbean or Mexican Rivera Cruise would be fantastic.  So I need to kick into high gear to get my 20 pounds off because since they are “the last 20” they will be much more difficult than my sweet husbands 20.  I really don’t want Dan to have to wait for me to reach the goal.  It may take 2 months or 3 but we both have to reach our goal to book the cruise.

I have created a cute chart to color in that leads us to a picture of a cruise ship.  I know I can do this.  I don’t want to let my husband down.  The  great thing is that we even have the money in savings so when we reach our goal as a couple we can really do the trip.  I can hardly wait!  As a bonus we will look fantastic in our bathing suits!

On a side note, while were staying at my moms I noticed my older sister’s Grade 12 Graduation Dress (like senior prom)that my mom had made. I always thought she was so skinny and healthy growing up and she was! I loved the look of the dress.  What I would have given to have worn that dress myself to my Grade 12 Grad dinner/dance!  Anyway I looked at the dress several times over the week and thought, “I wonder if there is any way it might fit?”  Well finally toward the end of our stay I tried it on.  Now there wasn’t anywhere real private to put it on so I put it on over jeans, shirt and all.  WOWWEEE!!! IT FIT!!!

family reunion 1065