Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Healthy Body Feels SO Good

I took what feels like a long break  from making healthy choices. Did the food taste good, YES! It was delicious. What I really hated was how tired and lazy I felt. I can’t explain it but for some reason doing the 12 Step program and focusing so much on the inner self and the WHY behind eating threw me into a downward spiral. I was depressed over it. I fell back into all of the old habits that I had worked so hard to overcome.  I quit going and slowly the desire to change came back. I wanted to make healthy choices but it just seemed too hard.  I was making being healthy too difficult.

So I went in to have a yearly physical done and was thankful that my blood work is still perfect. On paper I am healthy except I carry around too many pounds. So back to healthy food choices and some exercise. Exercise used to be the easy part but now the eating right is easier and the exercise is harder. I used to go out and easily run 4 miles at a  10 min/mile pace. Now I am struggling to run at a 11 or 12 min mile pace for a mile or 2. I know it will come back but it is HARD!!! Nathan is running the American Fork Half Marathon with me in June so I have to keep going and get faster because he wants me run with him.

The upside of all of this is that eating right and exercise FEELS SO GOOD! I love the stinky smell after a hard workout, the red face, the sweat dripping! I know that I made a choice to be a better me today.

WHY DO IT IF IT IS HARD?  To have a healthy body that will see my kids grow up. To someday see my grandchildren and be able to run and play with them. That is why I do this. I want a good life where I can be a full participant and not just watch life pass me by.

Thankfully I have seen quick results as my body usually responds quickly to change. It was been only 3 weeks and I have lost 20 pounds. Yes that is fast and no loss for the past 5 days. Most of it is water weight and not fat but I will take it!  I can already run a couple miles without stopping and although I am slow,  that is a huge accomplishment over a couple weeks ago.

So my all time high weight (this time around)  here at the house on my scale (first thing in the morning/ aux natural) was 249.9 lbs. (The scale at the doctors office read 254.4 lbs in the afternoon fasting but with clothes.) The scale yesterday was 229.1 lbs. The doctor wants me back under 210 lbs to be healthy and so do I. That number isn’t in “onederland” like I wish it would be but my darn bone and muscle structure comes from my Viking ancestors and they just weren’t light weights! I was there once and I may be there again someday but THIN is not my goal this time around.

 HEALTH is my goal and feeling GREAT!


After a great workout of running and walking. The number is the step count. :-)

IMG_5750 Fun at SCHEELS.


  I am so glad to have a separate bust and waist again. They were getting blurred because of the extra 20 pounds that mostly filled in the abdominal area.IMG_5836

Pictures taken November 2013.


  1. Becky, thank you for your post! I have gained 10 of my 20+ loss back after 6 weeks of no exercise adn slowly making poor food choices. I am at the same weight as you are....sadly for a 5 foot 2 inch person it is waaaaay off base. Your post is saying exactly the things I have been saying to myself today. The funny thing is I now know how to help my body lose but today I did the exact opposite. But I am making better choices at this moment...right now and will continue to strive each moment. Thank you for continuing to be such a great inspiration to me!!! I just love you!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Becky! I like the healthy attitude about the numbers on the scale and the truth about those Viking ancestors. I, too, will never be thin. I just want to be strong! :)

  3. I can totally relate to making living a healthy lifestyle way harder then it needs to be. Sometimes it just feels impossible. I don't know why I'm always so surprised at how good I feel when I get back on track. Both physically and emotionally. It's so worth it! And so not impossible ;)

    Thanks for the post! Congratulations on your loss!