Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still Struggling With Food and I need help.

I just can't get my head into eating right.  I try and try and give in.  I am running better than ever which makes my body sooooo hungry and nothing other than lots of carbs will satisfy that hunger.  I've tried veggies and fruit and more fruit but I feel like I'm starving.  HELP!  For those of you that run, what do you eat so that you can lose weight at the same time as fueling you body enough to run long distances?


  1. Lean proteins (or a bean/brown rice combo) and carbs. The end. AS far as losing weight while running that much and feeling like starving, I'm not sure how to answer that. Although if your body is starving it won't release fat. It'll hold onto it. I've had marathon runner friends who carb load before a race. BUt that is some detailed info…. Personally I've only ever ran 10K distances and afterwards I wanted to eat everything in the post race food bag and then the bag itself. But that was only 7.5 miles and I didn't do anything special beforehand in training/food/anything/carb loading.

    If you are hungry you need to eat. Period. If you don't, you might eventually you'll get so hungry you'll start eating anything you see in your kitchen. Or maybe you'll develop an eating disorder. **don't laugh!*** If you are a runner, healthy carbs are your friend. I've got 2 SILs who drink all their veg/fruit and run it off….. They're really skinny, but somewhat unhappy and sullen faces around others at get togethers with carbs, etc. No thanks! THink about how many calories an apple has. You're burning that off in less than a mile. PLus you need your normal daily caloric intake.

    Bottom line, you have to eat carbs and protein. LIsten to your body and remember that when you stop running the long distances you cannot keep eating for them. THat's a common habit runners get in to. You figure it out :) Make a batch of chili, a pot of beans and rice, some chicken dinners with wheat berries……bananas have more filling to them, too. Try some avocados and raw nuts for snacks when you're feeling extra hungry.

  2. *You'll figure it out* not "You." That was not what I meant and it sounds rude! :)

  3. Wow I don't know who KS Photography is but that is great advice. Really, I have found out a lot of that to be dead on. I just try and get the best bang for my buck when it comes to carbs. That means Quiona, I hate sounded like an infomercial but this stuff is really great. It doesn't taste that great to me so I hide it in lots of stuff I use it in place of rice, and pasta. A lot of times I just throw some salsa on it and heat it in the microwave. I don't really know all about it but it contains protein so it will keep me fuller longer. I also eat plain oatmeal with coconut, nuts and crasions. Also since you love your smoothies, why not add some physillium fibre husk, but be warned only add a teaspoon or so. More fibre in my diet always makes me more full. It is the same for mango's beans, and the good fat from avocados.

    Also make sure you are eating all the time don't let your self get hungry, Snack on veggies in between meals.

    It really helps me to know how many calories I should be consuming so once I have reached that for the day I know my body has all the nourishment it needs for the day so why am I still hungry? It always goes back to emotional stuff for me. Oh I am hungry because...........

    This is also where I insert a prayer for relief from my hungry and help from above.

    Becky don't ever forget what we are demanding of our body and mind, we want immediate results from some thing that took us a lifetime to get too. Remember you only fail when you stop trying.

    I have ever faith that you will get it worked out.

  4. I also agree to try quinoa. Make a salad with it. I can send you my fave quinoa salad if you want. It is so delicious and I swear to you.... a little goes a long way. It fills me up without making me feel full. Does that make sense?

    I know before you said you had never tried it because it's expensive but I get mine at costco for 8 bucks a bag and it lasts our family a month. Totally reasonable.

    Let me know if you want the recipe. I have many that I love but I can give you my favourite. Also the Our Best Bites has a Mango Quinoa salad thats so so good. TRY IT! I mean. Try it.

  5. Also, becky, the Quinoa cook book from costco is awesome too.

  6. I love my homemade granola. The nuts and oats fill me, the oil and honey I use to coat it satisfy the need for fats and sweets that I crave soooo much. Smoothies, as you know, are another great way to fill without a ton of calories.

    As a racer, I would recommend fueling on your run. Everyone is different and you may need to experiment with what distances and types of fuel you need.

    I have found that under 5 miles, I'm fine with water and a good snack when I'm done. Usually a protein and fruit smoothie (no milk, dairy hurts my tummy during and after exercise)

    Longer runs I need calories during the run. I've experimented with blocks, chews, beans, rocs, and gels. They all seem to hit my tummy hard and sit like a rock. So I went to adding supplements to my water. Right now I'm using Perpetuem. It has the right mix of protein, carbs, and fats with minerals and electrolytes to fuel your workout. You'll have to try some different things to see what helps you.

    Doing this seems to alleviate the need to stuff my face from my cravings after a workout. It also helps me mentally and emotionally, because it's not "food" I am able to separate fuel for a workout from nutrition for life.

    As far as meals, everyone else has it right. Whole grains like brown rice and quinoa will help a lot.

  7. Jumping on the quinoa and brown rice bandwagon! Get rid of sugar…period! Eat lots of little lean protein snacks. Use medjool dates to satisfy the desire for intense sweets. Brown rice cakes (the healthy ones). Try going gluten-free, maybe. You are running longer and faster than I am…the number on the scale doesn't mean everything :P Have you checked out trying that program I emailed you? I can send it again if you'd like :)

  8. Just a thought, Becky. I have read that marathon running and trying to lose weight are not a good combo. Meaning you should not be limiting your caloric intake and running long distances. Did you realize that you are burning around 2,000 calories on a half marathon?

    That doesn't mean the flood gates are open to eat whatever bad calories you can find. Of course not! Listen to your body and respond appropriately to its cravings. After my last half marathon, I was craving eggs (I needed protein) and corn chex (I needed carbs). Give your body what it needs and it will perform for you!

    Make sure you are hydrating every 20 min. or 2 miles. At the watering/aid stations only take what you are used to having. For instance, if you are used to drinking powerade on your long runs, take the powerade they offer. If you only drink water, only take the water. They will hand out GU gels, most likely. I found that taking one at the half way point of the race was very helpful. They also offered half bananas and orange wedges at some of the statons, which were great! Don't eat too much breakfast before you run, or you'll end up in the port-a-john lines somewhere along the race route (or having 'runner's diarrhea). My first race, I was too nervous to eat before hand, anyways.

    I have no doubt that you'll do great! Don't be nervous, trust your body and enjoy the scenery and the run!