Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ability to Change

I am amazed by the ability to change. We very often underestimate the strength and determination within ourselves to allow change to occur.  Running the AF Canyon Half Marathon was exactly what I needed to feel good again about the changes that I’ve made. As I ran I thought back to the woman that I was just 2 short years ago. I would have never even dreamed of running at all and most definitely not a half marathon. I would have never thought that I could do 50 push ups. I remember not even earning the bronze medal for fitness because I couldn’t do just 4 push ups in Elementary School.

Change is within our grasp. It takes a lot of faith to change. We have to believe that we will become something that has not yet been seen. I also believe that in order for real lasting change to take place you need the help of Our Savior and Heavenly Father to change our hearts and minds.  When I started thinking that I could do it myself I quickly feel back into old habits. I know that I need a higher power to carry me each day as I face my temptations (food).

Over the past 4 months I had become pretty down on myself for gaining back 15 pounds or so and just was in kind of a slump.  Exercising has never been my issue but food is and I’m sure always be one of my vices.  It takes immense strength and determination not to eat the brownie, ice cream, fettuccini alfredo or any other fantastically delicious food that I love. I have been to lax in my food choices lately but I have a renewed determination to eat right.

I have a great reason to eat right and exercise like crazy. I need to be the best example of healthy living right now.  I am helping an incredible young man as he works to lose weight. My heart aches for him as he has a life long goal that is on hold until weight requirements are met. I love him as my own and wish I could do this for him.  I know of the struggle that he has ahead of him and the tough days that will come.  He will reach his goal and I know he’ll do it quickly and the right way.  I hope I can share with him all that I have learned these past two years so that his journey might be a little easier than mine was.

It always amazes me how life puts people, experiences and  opportunities in our path just at the right moment we need them or they need us.  Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that we are given incredible Earthly angels to help us along the way. This young man feels that I am helping him but the reality is that I need him just as much to get me back on track. I have changed once before and I will change again.


  1. Such an inspiring post!

    Great job on your marathon!

  2. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your story and your testimony - with the Lord, nothing is impossible!