Sunday, September 11, 2011

50/20 Hike- hardest physical challenge of my life

The Scout District put together a 50/20 hike. 50 miles in 20 hours or less. I joined them with Nathan “just to take pictures” for a few miles. Well, the leader that came with them was having some physical troubles so I felt I really should stay with them. I am really glad I did because the leader left at mile 28.  It was the hardest physical, mental, and emotionally challenging experience of our lives. I am so impressed by these young men.  They can do ANYTHING in their lives!  They have such strong character and determination to overcome such a huge obstacle. I am especially proud of my son Michael!  You are incredible!  I am so blessed to be your mother!

It is hard to describe the physical pain that you body feels after walking for 20 miles straight without any rest.  You ache every where, your feet are blistered and swollen, you are sunburned, bug bites everywhere,  your muscles are burning so bad that you can barely hobble along the last 10 miles.  You can't see it in these pictures but these boys were in horrible physical pain after the first 15 miles or so from chaffing and blisters.  They kept going through the pain and tears.  If they can persevere through this they can accomplish anything and everything life puts before them. 120 boys signed up to do this and one by one they dropped out.  3 of our 4 boys finished it with me and overall I believe 20 or less actually did the full 50 miles.  You boys are the best of the best! Congratulations!!!

We couldn't have done it without Stace Dalton! Jacob's mom followed along, ran for food, provided medical attention, new socks, entertainment and the best moral support ever!  The other groups were so jealous of our support woman!!! One of the most tender moments was when her son wanted to quit and she went and parked the car up at each next mile marker, walked back to him then they would walk together.  Thanks Stace!       


Just passed the 49 mile marker!

They had no idea that this experience would change their lives!014015020029031032033036040042047049058067078082084



  1. That's really cool. When I saw this title I thought it would be 25 first day with 8 hour camp then finish the 25 or something.