Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspired By Laurel

Several moths ago I came across a blog by a woman who was also struggling with weight loss and working on becoming a runner.  I was so inspired by her strength and determination!  We started commenting back and forth on each others blogs and have created a "friendship". I did not know much about this woman past the feelings of her heart that she expressed so beautifully.  She could put into words how I felt so perfectly. 

Well this weekend I got to meet for a brief second my friend Laurel in person and give her a quick hug. Laurel is an amazing woman!  She is an author and an inspirational speaker but most importantly she is a woman of faith, courage and determination!  She inspires me to continue on my journey.  She has overcome and continues to overcome the impossible and is doing things that she KNEW she couldn't do.  Thank you Laurel for sharing your most vulnerable parts of your soul with me and the women of Time Out For Women.  You have changed me for the better! To experience what I did this past weekend go to and see if Time Out For Women is coming to a city near you.


  1. Oh Becky I am so glad you got to meet here that is awesome. Don't ever forget that you Becky are one of my Laurel's.

  2. I love it when truly inspiring, and positive people come into your life. It just makes it so much... sweeter :)

  3. Barb, thank you for your kind words. I often forget how much I have accomplished. It's great to know I am not alone in this battle!

  4. for the record YOU inspire ME.
    for the record.

    (sorry we didn't get to talk longer. I should have told you I was barely walking that night. someday we'll "talk talk".)