Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guest Post

7 Weight Loss Program Tips

When choosing the right weight loss programs the best thing to do is
research as many options as possible and than choose the one that is best
suited for the uniqueness of you body type and lifestyle.

1. 1. Browse the Web

Use the Internet to find out about different programs that are available in
your area. Use websites with search engines. For example, if you live in
Los Angeles California, you can search "weight loss programs Los Angeles".
Do not forget about social networking sites either. There are countless
social network sites that build profiles for their weight loss programs
with details descriptions of what they entail. Watching videos on video
hosting websites is also a great way to see exactly what the program will
be like.

2. 2. Get feedback

Find other people that have been part of weight loss programs in the past
and ask them for a detailed description of their experience at different
weight loss programs. If someone was part of a program that produced
satisfactory results, they will most likely be glad to share about it with
other people

3. Figure out your type

Your body type is either an Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph. An ectomorph
is a body with smaller frame and bone structure; has very fast metabolism
and lean muscle. Ectomorphs can usually get away with eating tons of food
and never have a problem with gaining unhealthy weight. They have low body
fat percentage by genetics. Mesomorph has large bone structure and can gain
or lose weight very easily. They can gain fat or muscle much easier than
Ectomorphs. Endomorphs have thicker and softer bodies. They have a slow
metabolism rate and find it hard to lose fat. This way you can pick a
program that is designed for your body type.

4. 4. Find Friends

You probably already know at a couple people who are considering losing
weight just like you are. See if they would be interested in joining a
weight loss program with you. It will be more fun this way and you can help
motivate each other to work hard until you have reached your fitness goals.
They can also help you search for a better weight loss program.

5. 5. Positive Energy

The best kind of weight loss program is the one that spreads positive
energy. Everything in the world is energy. You want to surround yourself
with positive energy to keep you motivated and in high spirits. So choose a
weight loss program that has positive people in it. Negative people will
only drag you down and impede your progress.

6.Diet is King

Any legit fitness program should not only teach you how to do the routine
exercises but should also teach you about healthy dieting. For example, if
you have an Endomorph body type, you should avoid high calorie and high
carb diets because of your bodies natural retaining of fat. Stick to lots
of shakes and vegetables. Your training coach should be well knowledgeable
in the ingredients of the different types of foods and what they do to your

7. 7. 24 hour access

Obviously a fitness program that allows you all the time access to the work
out equipment is your best bet. Losing weight is a huge commitment. You
have to be focused 100% of the time and be training as much as you possibly
can if you want to be successful. If it means being up at 4am to hit the
gym, so be it. You should never have to miss out on a work out session
because your gym is closed.

Don’t forget the summer that we are upon. Summer is a great time to start
or update your fitness regiment. Have fun, and good luck!

Mary Higgins loves living in the sunny South, where she can enjoy as much
outdoor time as she wants! A fitness buff, Mary runs her own health club,
where she seeks to help as many people on their weight loss paths as she
can. Mary also tries to help people out when other health related issues
arise, such as insurance issues. A former insurance agent, Mary always
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