Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Own Personal Half Marathon

I promise to be back into regularly blogging soon.  Time Out For Women has asked me to write an original  blog article for them so I have been pondering and considering what to write for them.  In the mean time let me tell you that I am feeling great and doing FANTASTIC.  Yesterday was my day for a long run, my last one before the American Fork Half Marathon in 2 weeks.  I set out with the goal to run at an easy pace and to do a full half marathon distance.  It wasn't easy.  About a third at least of the run I did was uphill.  I don't do well uphill and did a fast walk for a lot of the uphill portion.  Knowing that the course I was taking would be challenging, much mire challenging than the race, I told myself that I would be please with less than 2 hours 30 min.  Well I did it 2 hours 25 min exact.  It wasn't easy to keep going.  I wanted to quit several times but I couldn't let myself down.  I am not that woman anymore.

 I must push myself to do more to try new things.  I need to trust myself and have faith that with God ALL things are possible.  I have really been turning back to the scriptures and writings of our latter-day prophets for guidance this week and it has made a huge difference.  I also had a beautiful experience in the Temple last night that was a huge testament to me that my Heavenly Father knows my heart.  Even though I make lots of mistakes He knows my intentions and loves me with all of my faults.

I pray that all of you are making progress toward your goals and finding peace in where you are right now.  Sometimes we need to step back and take a little break from trying so hard to work on weight and eating.  We need to love ourselves no matter where we are at in reaching our goals.  I have struggled really hard with this but I am getting much better.  After the session in the temple last night I looked in the mirror in the changing area and saw a beautiful woman, a beautiful daughter of God looking back a me.  I must remember that always.  I am a beautiful daughter of God and so are YOU!


  1. Way to stick it out :) Your perseverance and determination are truly inspiring!

  2. You certainly are a beautiful daughter of God, inside and out! Thank you for sharing your journey and for your motivation, support and your friendship.