Sunday, November 11, 2012

Join the Competition

I need some serious motivation to stop the overeating. I am still running and loving it but oh the FOOD!!!  I must stop this mindless eating or I will be back at 400 pounds in a couple years.  I will not let that happen! My waist has grown 3 inches in 6 months. EEEKKK! 
I am creating a change and so CAN YOU!!!
I know I am motivated by money and competition so let's do it together.
Healthier Heart for Valentine's Day Weight Loss Competition
This will be a 12 week healthy weight loss competition to begin or help you continue your journey.
The rules are NO diet aids, surgery, pills, ect. Good honest  healthy eating and lots of exercise.
Clipart Illustration of a Healthy Red Heart Running Past
Now for the money part. Each person will set their personal goal of how many pounds they want to lose by Valentine's Day. Your goal should be obtainable within the time frame and at least 5%. I would be happy to review your goal with you to determine what is a good number for you to work toward.
Everyone will pay in $25.00. If you reach your goal you get $20.00 back. $5 goes to the biggest loser. If you don't reach your goal then all of your $25. 00 goes to the biggest loser.
The more people in the competition the bigger the reward for the winner! All of us though will be winners as long as we reach our goal weight.
Weigh in can be done either by a photo of your scale emailed or texted to me or you can come to my home. FIRST Weigh in will be due by November 19th. Money must be paid by Dec 1st.
You may participate no matter where you live as long as you are willing to mail me your $25.00. Each Monday we will report our % lost by emailing me your numbers. I hope most of you will participate. I need all the motivation I can get to make it through the holidays!
Your weight will be kept confidential except you must tell me. Smile  I will figure out the percentage lost and report only the % to the group. 
I am so excited to be actively working on a goal again!!!
I posted this to my facebook group Healthy Living  Support Group very late last night and we have 4 people so far.

E-mail me at with your goal and picture of your scale. Please write Healthy Heart in your subject line. Money needs to be delivered to 1812 E Cedar St, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005. We will do our final weigh-in on Feb 11th so you can have your money to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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