Monday, November 8, 2010

Weight and measurement update…

Just knowing that someone out there is wondering how I am doing at keeping my goals helps me immensely!  I need to be accountable for living right and so here are pictures from this morning on the scale and my waist measurement. I am finding balance with eating desserts again (altering recipes or just a few bites) and loving it.  I eat a lot of food throughout the day.  I snack mostly on fruits and veggies and a few crackers or pumpkin seeds here and there but I am getting my 2000 calories most days and feeling very satisfied.  My goal is to stay between 175-182 pounds.  I feel good and think I look good too.  The excess skin and flab on my upper arms and thighs and a little on my  tummy will someday be gone and I do look forward to that day! I know that is probably years away but until then I’ll continue to workout and watch my eating and have fun making up recipes.096097


I must admit I still don’t always recognize myself in pictures and this is one of them. Saturday I was canning pickles with the kids.  I don’t see myself as “skinny” even though many people have called me such lately.  I guess I am smaller than I realize. Someday I hope I can see myself the way others do.


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  2. Seriously, I wouldn't have recognized you either in this picture. Does the term "skinny" offend you? My sister is very tall and thin and when people call her skinny she gets very angry. I am short and heavy and when I lost a ton of weight I was deeply flattered by the term skinny. Everything is relative though, right?

    I think you look healthy and great. You look like you lost it the right way. I have gained so much back and I know it's because I didn't exercise, I just starved and when I reached my goal weight I just started eating again. I am getting geared up to start again and get some weight off before summer. I have been inspired by your devotion to exercise and I plan to do it right this time.