Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Needed a Picture Today…..




I often get caught up in the number on the scale and don’t SEE myself for what I’ve accomplished and where I am at NOW.  I am given a compliment and I respond back,” We’ll I’ve gained 10-15 pounds (which no one except me seems to see). rather than “Thank-you.” I am frustrated that my body seems to be storing every drop of fat and sugar that enters into my mouth rather than it being worked off.  My only saving grace is the ability to get outside a little more and ride my bike in addition to running and the elliptical and toning.  For the amount I exercise I should be able to eat up to 3000 cal and not gain but that isn’t the case.  I know I am gaining some muscle but maybe 1-2 pounds not 10!!!  For an example yesterday I ran 3.6 miles with my running partners Daina and Kim, then rode the bike (with a bike trailer and child in tow) to the school and back, rode the bike to drop Jaimee off at playgroup, and then did a 8 mile ride pulling my niece, back to playgroup on the bike then back to school to get Laura and rode to a couple parks then home.  I’m tired now just writing about it.  That was a total of 12 miles on the bike.  Then before bed after Cub Scout meeting I did 1 hour toning while watching a movie with my hubby.  I love the exercise but I just don’t dare let up on it in fear that more weight will come back.  I just pray the weather gets warmer so I don’t need a coat when riding.  The pictures are to remind me of how far I’ve come and the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. 100_6640

I’m not the same the same woman I was 3 years ago!!!


  1. You are amazing. That difference is remarkable.

  2. Definitely an amazing accomplishment. And also very frustrating that "the last little bit" seems to be eluding you. I've heard of these examples before. Lots of exercise, yet no weight loss……..I think I've read that it has to do with diet. I know that is really general, but I've found the examples online and in running magazines. Maybe you could search it out……I think it may be a matter of tweaking a few food things. ?? Your body is holding onto it for a reason…..does it feel like it's starving? More protein? beans rice, meat……. I don't know.

  3. I think you look pretty darn awesome! Often with weight loss there is a plateauing (I am sure you already know this) and it can take time for the metabolism to shift. Maybe try gluten-free? That program I emailed you would probably jumpstart the process.

  4. You are amazing. Your story has inspired me so much! Hang in there - Even if the scale is being stubborn, think of how much healthier you are and how strong you are to be able to do all that exercise! Plus what a fabulous example you are to people around you - especially your own children!