Monday, July 4, 2011

3 pound loss!!!

I woke up early this 4th of July and got right outside to exercise. I ran 6.75 miles followed by 7.75 mile bike ride.  I then got on the scale and was thrilled to see a 3 pound loss for the week. YEAH!!!!!  Hard work really has paid off.  I’ve been watching my calories and exercising a lot inside as well as out and it really worked. Finally to see some progress is WONDERFUL!

Update on Jack, the young man in my previous post. He lost 12 pounds last week.  Way to go Jack!!! His goal is to lose about 40 more pounds before he can re-submit his mission papers.  I’m so proud of him!


  1. Way to be there for Jack! He's such an amazing kid!

  2. Yay for the hard work and good choices paying off :) This is so awesome to hear! And you are sure to be an amazing mentor and source of inspiration and knowledge for Jack... so good for you to take that on :)