Monday, January 23, 2012

On a More Personal Note…

I usually keep this blog just about weight loss and eating right (and I guess this still is) but there is so much more to me than that.  I am most importantly a wife to my incredible husband Dan and mommy to my 5 incredible children.  I have been thinking about my weight loss and how I never asked their permission for me to change.  I am a huge part of their lives and this would in fact change their lives forever.  Well weight loss would of course be a positive thing in all aspects, right?  Of course I can do so much more physically than I used to but in fact being healthy requires time, space and sometimes money.
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I’ve thought about this off and on the last year.  My husband loved me at 300 plus pounds. That’s the only size I had ever been.  He loved my curves and all. He loves me no matter what size. He’s had me at size 30-32 all the way down to size 8. I have so many beautiful notes from him telling me that “I am the most beautiful woman in the world.” from before I lost weight. BUT I do exercise every night after the kids are in bed and this takes away from our time together.  He never complains and supports me but I still think back to the days of big bowls of ice cream sitting on the couch watching TV together.  Don’t get me wrong we still hang out but an hour less each night if I’m on the exercise equipment.  I have recently started attending a boot camp and toning class at 5am each morning. He never complains about the alarm waking him up a hour and bit before he needs to get out of bed. (I suppose that since I get back with 30 min to make a nice warm breakfast for the family that it makes up for it. :-) )
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I appreciate his support and loving me enough to tell me when my weight was too low and putting up with me when my weight started getting higher than I’d like.  He is the greatest husband in the world and he is mine for all eternity.  Thank you Dan for all of your support and putting up with my new crazy eating and exercise habits.

My kids never were embarrassed by my weight. They say I was just “mom” but they will admit that they like that I am smaller now. They do get frustrated sometimes when I want exercise during the day or create a new “healthified” recipe. I admit not all of my recipes turn out great on the first try. They find ways to spend time with me in our very small exercise room and have given up a bedroom so that we can have an exercise room in the house. They are great kids and they love me no matter what size I am.  I am their mom and will be for all eternity.
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  1. What a great post, while I have been losing weight I have found that I struggle with the idea of spending less time with my family. I have tried working out at home and just can't get motivated like I do at the gym, because the gym is 15-20 minutes from my house a quick 1 hour run is more like a 2 hour trip. Working until 5-7pm every night means there could be nights where I don't see my kids at all. In all honesty I kind of felt alone with these worries and felt like all of the people getting in their exercise time must not have kids or don't mind the loss of time with family. That you for sharing your thoughts and worries, they help remind me that I am rarely alone in my struggles :)

    1. You are not alone at all in these worries. I do try to only exercise when they are asleep but I have started working out mid-morning and my little almost 5 yr old can get impatient with me and I have to remember that she does come first. I have lost patience with her needing something every 5 min but I am trying to do better. We all have different responsibilities but we do need to make time for ourselves to exercise. When we are taken care of we can be better parents to our children.

  2. Totally agree, and understanding both of these comments. Also, I really miss the time on the couch with ice cream and hubby, but it is worth it.