Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Reminder


All of these women weigh the same but look so different!  We all need to have a realist expectation of what we can achieve.  Love the body you have been blessed with and do your part to keep it healthy!


  1. A very timely reminder - thanks.

    Lesley x

  2. Love it! Sometimes it's so hard not to focus on the size of clothes you wear compared to someone else. At least it is for me, especially with my sisters. Ha ha, noticed that's the first thing I focused on. I love your blog and your honesty on it. Thanks!!

  3. Great post, Becky! BTW, sizing in America is one of my uber-pet peeves! I HATE clothes shopping!!! Not because I hate my body (I like my body most of the time), but because finding the 'right size' is next to impossible! A size 10 in one brand is not the same as a size 10 in another. I envy the guys for just being able to buy their waist/inseam measure.

  4. This is so great! I've been looking for something like this forever!