Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reaching My Goal

I set a goal to be 190 pounds by my birthday, May 26th.  This is a good goal.  This is an attainable goal but it seems to be slipping out of reach.  Not really but it is.  I am exercising, but not hard enough.  I am making some healthy food choices but not all the time.  I am not fully committed to reaching my goal.  I want to reach my goal but it seems too HARD.  I know I CAN DO HARD THINGS but I want that food more.  Darn food!!!

I am recommitting myself to my goal.  I will go out for a run today with my running partner for first time this season and I hope I can keep up and not die.  A little dramatic but I haven’t had a good outside run since last fall, that is a long time ago. We are only running 2 miles so I should be okay even if we have to walk.  So this is my mind set right now. I need to trust in the Lord and let Him take my food cravings/addiction from me and move forward in reaching my goal. 

 I reread “Forget me Not” from October General Conference this morning and it really helped. I have posted it below.  We all need this message!!!




For another great post on “Forget Me Not” hop over to my friend Barbara’s post it is a wonderful post that I can relate to 100%.

UPDATE: We ran our 2 miles and we killed it!!!  We kept between 9:13 and 9:30. WOW!!!  I now have hope that I can run my half marathon the end of June and actually run it well.

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  1. Love this talk so very much! I too reread it just recently and it was exactly what I needed that morning. :) You can accomplish this goal! Have a fun run today, the sun is out for you...and the sun makes everything better!