Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Just because you aren’t home is no reason not to try to eat well and exercise.  Here are a few pictures from our family spring break. I worked out in the exercise room on the bike, treadmill and stair stepper along with all of their cool weight machines. I also played racket ball, tennis, volleyball,  hiked, swam and just had fun with the family outdoors.  I even ate some great meals and brought along boca burgers rather than eating hotdogs and had fruit rather than syrup on my pancake.  Baked chips and skinny cow “ice cream” also makes you feel like you aren’t missing anything.  So vacation is NOT an excuse not to take care of yourself. All of this in 3 days!

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I do all of this to be here for my family and to enjoy my time with them!

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  1. You look so happy. All of you. You're doing the right thing - keep it up chuck (as they say round here in northern England).

    Lesley x