Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Running Partner


 This is Daina and she is AMAZING!!!  The best part is that not only do we run altogether but Daina is a fantastic friend, one of my very closest friends.  We also serve together in Cub Scouts and we do a preschool co-op together. I love this woman!  <Crazy,  but back about 5 years ago I felt like I wasn't good enough to be friends with her.  She is so out of my league!!! > I am very blessed to know such a talented and spiritual woman. Her talents and abilities blow me away. I come home from running with her ready to face my day because I can share anything and everything with her and she gives great advice or just listens. The bonus is that we are running so we are keeping our bodies healthy. I look forward to running not because I love it but because I get to be with this wonderful woman for 45 min before I face the rest of my day. I hope if you run that you find a friend to run with.



This is Daina with her equally amazing husband Logan.  We have been blessed to have him as our Bishop and now as a member of our Stake Presidency.


  1. Daina is wonderful! I definitely miss her, she is a beautiful person and friend!!!

  2. PS... convince her to get on Facebook. I know she won't, but I would love to keep more up with her then through just email. :)

    1. I'll mention it to her but I don't think anyone can convince her to come back to facebook.