Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding Happiness Today

I am finding that I am so hard on myself.  I know that I am healthy and even an athlete.  BUT, I am not as small as I would like.  If the camera catches a good angle I love the picture but if it isn’t just right I hate it. My clothes are tight and I don’t want to buy larger clothes.  I want to be the size 8/10 not the 10/12!  I know that sounds crazy especially from a woman who used to wear a 30/32 or 4x or size 8 jeans at Lane Bryant. At one point nothing at Lane Bryant would fit.  Anyway, I need to find happiness in today so that is my goal.  Eat in moderation, exercise 5 days a week and find joy every day in what I can do now that used to be difficult.  Most importantly STOP comparing myself with others.  My thighs will never be that small or my hips or my……



As we were out in the mountains at a cabin the last week with Dan’s family I actually stopped and thought about all of the things I do now that I wouldn’t have even tried 3 years ago. We had a planking contest.  Funny thing to do but anyway I went for 2 min and could have gone longer but Judy had already quit so I was happy at 2 min.  WOW, 2 min planking not hard!!!  How can I not feel good about myself?! We went on a 2 mile hike that climbed 850 ft in a mile.  It was easy for me. We went on lots of 4 wheeler rides and I took the girls with me both in front on the seat and in back.  I NEVER would have even gotten on a 4 wheeler at 400 lbs.  Now I ride with confidence and just have fun.  I don’t worry about sitting on any of the chairs or what bed to sleep on.  I love the freedom a healthy body provides.  I am free from the worry, free from restrictions, free to do whatever I want. 


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  1. Oh Becky, this makes me miss you. Diddo diddo diddo, to all you wrote! I am struggling with the "Balance" of it all. 365 days ago I was training for a marathon and NOTHING nothing got in the way of my "run". But I also know that my life can't be like that all the time. I just can't seem to find the focus or the inner strength to make the healthy choice right now. I need something, something has got to change. I just need to give it back to Heavenly Father. Thanks for the post.