Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why can’t I see the Becky everyone else sees? The rest of the story…

Okay so I did take back the jeans but the unexpected ended up and jeans 051

I decided rather than just return them that I would try pretty much every style on in the store and various sizes.  What I found was that I have big calves and thighs.  I already knew that but I can’t stand it if my knees feel restricted.  Many of the 15 pairs were simply too tight in the leg to go any further.  I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t find anything I really liked.  Even the $100 jeans didn’t fit my very curvy shape. Before giving up I grabbed a pair a size up of this years version of my favorite jeans.

I put them on and hmmm, they were a tad lose.  Wow, back I went to the shelf and grabbed the same exact size as I have been wearing, you know the same size that bruised my hips because they were too tight.  I felt crazy even trying them on but shockingly they fit!!!  How could this be?  I wasn’t really bigger than last year? 

I told the sales lady of my adventure with the jeans and she said that you ALWAYS have to try on every pair of jeans because of the way they are cut out.  Tons of pairs are cut out at the same time and of course the material is stacked on top of each other and the size varies a little.  It is hard to believe they can vary so much or possibly I was totally bloated or something.  Any way I did get one new pair.  Last years still have some good wear still left in them.  I sit here wearing my new jeans and feeling great.  I feel so great that I had to take a ton of pictures to remind myself how great new clothes make you feel.  The numbers on the scale are still 6 pounds over my “drop dead,  never pass” weight but I keep trying. A new pair of jeans in a size I will only see in this exact pair of jeans at this store can really help you feel good, no great, no FANTASTIC!!!

I look at these pictures and can’t believe they are me.  I don’t feel that I look like this.  I see a much larger woman in the mirror.  It must just be great camera angles right!? How can a woman a tad bit over 200 pounds look like that? My mind is having a hard time with that! I know I run, bike, yoga, do push ups and  more stomach crunches than anyone should but

 why can’t I just see the Becky everyone else sees?

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If you love to see a smaller size on your jeans then you have to shop at Maurice’s.  I love their regular Maurice’s $29.00 jeans. They are sized big so you get to see a number that you never would dream of fitting into. 


  1. You look hot. I'm glad you went back and did it all again instead of thinking too much about the other jeans. Now you're happier than you were hoping to be.


  2. I noticed youre cute jeans the other night at Jensens. Don't know if they were the new pair, but they looked great!
    And I had no idea they cut jeans out like that and that there could be such a difference in the "same size"!
    To answer the question in your previous post, I'm a firm believer in feeeling great TODAY. I think if you're commited to staying in shape you will contiue to keep at it, and wearing clothes you don't feel great in only makes you feel crappy, and then you self sabotage. Is it a liitle more money? Sure, but when you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great you take better care of your self. Buy clothes that fit you NOW and keep on workin. ;)

  3. I LOVE that store! You look fantastic!!!!!

  4. Not to worry--I doubt I will ever fit into a 7/8 and I weigh almost my wedding weight again. The big thighs and calves are the family curse--mine will never be small like other women and that's okay, too. Can't wait to see you (and in the new jeans, I hope!)