Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 days 18 hours and 29 min

till Race time!  I just read over the complete Runners Guide for my Half Marathon on Saturday and I feel physically ill.  Sick to my stomach!!!  With a bad cough and the worry and time visiting my grandparents I didn’t get in a good long training run.  My longest run was 8 1/2 miles almost a month ago.  I have been clocking 24 miles each week for the past month so I shouldn’t be worried but I am NERVOUS about this race.  I think what worries me most is that I will be emotionally drained the day before the race with it being my Papaw’s Funeral and visiting family all day.  I ran my last half marathon completely on empty and wanted this one to be different.  I guess not.  I will go do my best and run my heart out.  I am not searching for a PR this time but just to simply celebrate my healthy strong body and the fact that I can run 13.1 miles without stopping and do it like a real runner.  It is still hard to think of myself as a runner but who else but a real runner runs 20 plus miles a week.  HMMMM, no one!!!


This is where I am running ! 



  1. You will do great! You've got this! I ran one with only two weeks notice having never run that far and I did it because of your encouragement. You're amazing and you have worked hard and your body is ready. And wow, what a beautiful place to run. It will be good for your soul.