Monday, September 17, 2012

One More Week of The 35 Day Program

Well, I haven’t followed the program very well.  I am running a lot more but the eating 1500 or less calories hasn’t been happening.  I have however lost 10 pounds but I should have lost more if I was really doing what I should have.  I still have an overwhelming draw to food.  It is my comfort for all negative type emotions.  I eat when I am not hungry just because it is there.  I wish I could just STOP IT and go back to eating just to nourish my body but for right now this is my struggle, my trial.  I will take it over so many other trials out there but I want to be rid of it!  One day at a time is the answer but I feel like I take 2 steps back for every step forward that I take.  Life has been throwing several curve balls lately that has created ripples through my daily schedule and plans.  For some reason food is my answer with dealing with it.  I will do better.  I won’t reach my 195 lb goal but my hope when Friday hits is that I am still down at 202 or less.

I thought I’d repost a few of my favorite motivational quotes today.



  1. Great quotes!

    This is my biggest struggle too. 10 pounds is a great loss, especially when dealing with life's curve balls! There's been too many times when I've thrown in the towel completely, because life got stressful.

  2. 10 lbs is AMAZING! I can't seem to drop weight even though I exercise a ton. I know it is food, but I am happy with who I am, so I'm not sure my diet will change any time soon. I'm alright with that. I just don't step on the scale that often and focus on having fun on my next swim, bike, run, kayak, or whatever. Give yourself credit for what you have done! I'm proud of you!