Monday, September 10, 2012

Real Life

I have been LOVING running!  Today we ran faster than we have in since last Fall.  We knocked 30 seconds off our normal average. Yeah US!  Although running is going great and the scale is cooperating there is more to my life than running and counting calories. 

My Papaw (grandfather) is dying any day now.  Next to my husband he is the Patriarch of the family.  When he passes on my husband is it.  I love him so much.  It is so hard seeing him suffer but today he is receiving morphine to keep him comfortable until he passes from this mortal existence into the next.

  Papaws final blessing dan bday 038

Today is my wonderful husband Dan’s Birthday.  I brought cake to work for him then took him to lunch at Tocanos.  I did really well making good choices at the Salad Bar and stopped eating when I was full.  This is us outside of the restaurant.  I am so blessed to have this incredible man love me and our children.  He is so kind and patient and a wonderful provider and protector. 

dans birthday 012

dans birthday 004

Then there are my 5 amazing children that are busy with lots of wonderful activities that keep me running.  I love every minute of it but sometimes with 5 kids and only one of me I get stretched pretty thin. 

efy family reunion 527

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  1. What a beautiful family! Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. That it such a hard thing to go through.

    You look fantastic!!