Friday, September 7, 2012

35 Day Challenge Update

Today is Day 20.  I figure I should update you on how the challenge is going.  Well it’s going great.  I am not sticking to a food list or counting calories like I should but I am seeing results.  Running 6 days a week has made a difference.  I am right on schedule to be at 195 by the end of the 35 days. YAHOOOOO!  Here are a couple pictures from today so I can see my progress. So far 9 pound (4 pounds of water weight possibly) loss in 20 days. Just 7 pounds more to go!!!

me scale 002me 013me 028me scale 059


  1. That's awesome, Becky! I'm so happy for you!!!!!

  2. Great job!!!! I really want to start running! How'd you go about starting? You look great! I need to take you shopping with me when I get to where I want to be! You always look so cute! Keep up the great work!

    1. With running start out at whatever pace you feel comfortable at and go as far as you can then walk back. Eventually you'll run the whole way. I began running to the skate park and back (3 miles round trip at a 14 1/2 min/mile pace)I will absolutely go shopping with you. We can even do it on a small budget! I get my jeans at Maurice's ($20ish dollars)at the crossroads and the rest usually at Deseret Industries, yep, the good ole DI.