Friday, March 18, 2011

Have you ever woken up and…

just felt good about yourself.  Not for any particular reason but just happy with being you.  Happy with where you are in this life, doing what you are doing, being who you are being, making the choices you are making.  Today I woke up so content with myself.  I still have a miserable cold but I got up at 6am to go running with a couple ladies in the neighborhood and although it was tough with the cold air and being sick I kept up with a 9min 30 sec mile.  We ran 2 1/4 miles then I walked 3/4 miles.  I came home got right ready for the day, put on a new cute sweater from a dear friend Jenn (It’s so fun to get clothes passed on from friends.) and I even love what I see in the mirror.  The scale is staying pretty steady which is alright. (I’d love for the 10 pounds I gained from holiday eating and surgery to disappear but that will happen over the summer.) It feels great to have a “skinny” day on top of just being all around HAPPY.  I hope you have a happy day too!!!


This is the cute sweater that my friend Jenn passed on to me.  It is too big for her now and I’m so blessed that she passed on some of her cute clothes to me! Getting hand-me-downs from friends is one of my favorite things now.  (Hand-me-downs don’t happen when you are so much bigger than everyone else!)


  1. No wonder you feel good about yourself! Exercise and cute clothes... they can do the trick ;-)

    I will try to scan that stuff and email it to you later today. And my practitioner said she'd work w/ you if you'd like :)

  2. Hi Becky - You don't know I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and have been extremely inspired by you! What an amazing year or so you have had! I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, but don't see an email link on your blog.... One question I have is how much were you exercising when you first started your weight loss? Were you doing a couple of hours then too? What types of exercise did you start out with? Thanks so much!!

  3. So glad someone is having a skinny day, I totally know how you feel. there are some days where I feel skinny and other days where I feel 100 pounds overweight but the scale stays the same. You are darling in a new sweater. Have the best skinny day ever.