Monday, March 28, 2011

On Second Thought...

I am not "normal" so why should I think that I can go without the scale and calorie counting.  I will however try to only weigh myself once a week but I'll count calories and keep track of my water intake. My new goal is to be 180 lbs by my birthday May 26th.  I've done it before so I know I can do it. I feel good at 180. That is only 10 pounds but those 10 pounds can be very difficult but I am going to do it!!!


  1. I think you are a pro at counting calories and understanding portion sizes. You've been "practicing" it for years now. My opinion is that if you continue counting the calories and really being conscious of what is going in your mouth then you need only weigh yourself once a week. And that once is week is just to keep track, not to determine your mood.

    Try it for a month. You'll see, that's all you need. Plus it gives you something to look forward too, not dread.

  2. Ha - my birthday is May 24 - and I am not "normal" either! I too cannot go without the scale or calorie counting! I started a new thing this year - to mend my mood altering ( love/hate) relationship with the scale. I got a little calendar that I keep by my scale, and every morning at the same time - ish, I step on the scale and write down my weight. . . I am able to deal with the daily fluctuations (and not let the scale determine my mood for the day) I try to focus on what my weight was a week or 2 ago, or even last month - that way, I can see the real progress that time makes, instead of focusing on the daily changes ( which I used to let "get me down" - because they were. . . "never ( or rarely) enough to make me happy"- I am able to be patient with my progress, and at the same time, I am honest with myself every day - - Good luck with your goal - we will have to have that birthday celebration together in just a couple of months!!

  3. Good luck! You can do it!

    I've been without the scale for almost 2 weeks now. It has definitely helped me, but we are all different :) I'm still counting calories though... I'd spin out of control without doing that, lol!

  4. Without my scale I also have to keep track of my calories and water intake! I dont think I could do it without keeping track! I'd let my eating habits slip little by little without knowing it! Its really easy to do :)