Thursday, August 25, 2011

Owning the Numbers

This is me today, no make-up,  hair pulled up quick into a pony tail, clothes thrown on to take the kids up to school. I saw part of the Today show yesterday about owning the numbers that you are and it really bugged me how women hated telling their age and weight.  Even the hosts of the show that are stick thin didn’t really want to share and made a huge deal of being  a big 147 and 129 pounds.  There is such a stigma around weight and age.  We are what we are and why can’t we just embrace it and if we don’t like it do what we can to be the best at the age we are and thank goodness the weight we can change.  So I am owing my numbers today. I am 38 wonderful years and the scale gave me 199.9 pounds.  Although I don’t like those numbers much, I still like my body and think I look pretty darn good for basically 200 pounds.  I still wear any where from a size 6-12 but fall mostly into size 10.  WOW, after coming from size 30/32 (yes they do go higher than 26/28)  to a size 10 I have to love those numbers.  Now I do want to see the 180’s again but for now I need to embrace this healthy body and own it.  Don’t be scared of who you are. Love yourself where you are and improve what you don’t like so much.  Have a great day!!!


  1. Great post, Becky! 41 and lovin' it! 190 lbs this morning and feeling great! Weight isn't important, healthy living is! I finished a triathlon last weekend! I bet those skinny minny reporter ladies can't to that.

  2. This is a FABULOUS entry! Especially because lately I have been struggling and hit a plateau. I am realizing it isn't about the number it's about being healthy and being proud about you! I am soo glad I found your blog and this post! I am 26 years old and 171lbs at 5'6" and my last number is 23, what I have lost! :)

  3. Becky you are such an inspiration. I am 33 and 197. Hate the 197 cause I don't look near as good as you, but mostly cause I don't feel healthy right now. But I have to remember that I have MS and I MUST take things slow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Becky you rock! I love the power behind these words. You are on fire and I love it. I am 36yrs, 177 weight, lost 108, going to run a marathon this Saturday! Love you, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I'm so glad you found my blog...or I found your blog. I don't remember which happened first.

    But, seriously...inspired by your journey...where you are...

    THANK YOU for inspiring me right at the time when I needed the "keep going".

    (and I love your numbers. AMAZING!)