Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a Difference

068IMG_332628 months ago!


  1. So awesome, Becky! You look so dang healthy now! You are such a beautiful and happy woman :)

    I think that comment ahead of mine is a phisher. I got the same comment on my blog about 5 minutes ago.

  2. Wow! Not been on your blog before but am already blown away. I've a similar although less dramatic journey to yours and am still negotiating the shallows of weightloss and keeping it off longterm. But I do know that the smile in photo 1 is a lot more genuine and heartfelt than the smile in photos 2!! I recognise that from my albums! That said you were a lovely looking woman even before you started your amazing journey. :-)

    Well done, well done well done and keep it up!

    Lesley x

  3. You are amazing, and one of my inspirations. I ran 10k this morning for this first time. Nowhere near what you are doing, but I wouldn't have started running without you and Barb.

  4. Wow Becky....I love this!!! Congratulations...what an amazing triumph!

    I am struggling for that "feeling" of motivation. I was on such a roll and then Spencer ended in PCMC. Totally messed me up and I can't seem to get back to the feeling of determination. Any advice?