Monday, October 1, 2012

Everyday Life and Tips

I appreciate all of your comments on what you look for in my blog.  Life has gotten very hectic with school, soccer, band, ballroom, piano, scouts, SCC, Brownies, and volunteering at school.  With the hectic life come hectic eating.  There haven’t been many new wonderfully healthy recipes because I desire the real sugar and fats when life is crazy.  I am determined to do better!  Sometimes it is better to have the original recipe and savor every bite than to eat a lot of an okay treat because you still don’t feel satisfied.  Make sense? 

With all of that said here are a few tips to help if you are just starting out with HEALTHIFIED baking:

  • Use at least half whole wheat flour rather than just straight white.  Usually I do all whole wheat.
  • Substitute half or all of the fat (oil/shortening/butter) with unsweetened applesauce.  This will make your recipe more cakey and your cookies won’t spread out but you decide how much to substitute.  I usually do all applesauce.
  • You can usually omit eggs all together from a cookie, muffin or loaf recipe. I just add a few extra tbsp of water to the recipe. You can use ground flaxseed with water as a substitute if you’d like.
  • Either half the amount of sugar in the recipe or use honey or agave instead. If using a liquid sweetener you will need to add more flour to compensate.

I hope those tips help a little as you try out what works for you and your family. As I mentioned lately more sugar and butter has been sneaking back into my baking but in the smaller quantities but the whole wheat is always there.  Balance!  We really need to find the right balance for us.  As long as you are filling up on fruit, vegetables and whole grains and just have a small helping of the other stuff then you are doing great. If you skip the sweets most days and do moderate exercise 5 days a week then enjoy the cookies or a slice a cake on the weekend.  I have followed these rules much better when I was actively pursuing weight loss.

With simply maintaining my weight and living a fairly healthy lifestyle I have given myself a good amount of leeway on eating.  I should be stricter but haven’t decided to push myself to that end yet.  I also STILL have a hard time with moderation so just know that no one is perfect all the time. I am learning just how much I can cheat and still feel great and perform well with my running.  It really comes down to how you feel.  If you are taking care of your body then you will feel good.

Just a quick reminder that the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. All of the ladies weigh the same but look very different. 


Find where you feel best about yourself and then do what you need to in order to stay there.

You are worth it!

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