Thursday, October 18, 2012


The weather is turning cold but still each morning (M-F) at 6am I crawl out of my warm bed and head out into the chilly darkness to run. Why? I NEED to run.  It clears my mind, it gets my body moving and helps my soul to feel alive.  Most mornings it it’s easy. 3.75 miles at a 9:45 ish pace.  I love it. 

What makes me want to get up is really my running partner waiting for me.  We are good listeners for each other.  Women need other women!  I talked her ear off this morning and she just listened without judgment.  I love this time running!   Sadly I ‘m not losing weight running because I am eating whatever I want and my weight has climbed up again but I feel good and happy. A friend posted this quote on facebook yesterday and I thought I’d post it here because it rang true to me.

familly mountain fun 008



  1. That quote is really just what I needed to read at this very moment. And seeing your bright smile and beautiful blue eyes gave it such a wonderful direct and loving delivery. Thank you so much!

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