Friday, October 5, 2012

I had a dream… NIGHTMARE

I startled awake this morning.  I went right to the mirror… it isn’t true… the weight isn’t all back!  This is the first time that I have dreamt of gaining it all back.  I have never really thought that it would happen because I know myself and my determination and drive.  However,  I have let many pounds back on and haven’t been vigilant enough with my eating to get those pounds off again.  The mind and dreams are very interesting.  Maybe I am more worried about the extra pounds I am carrying around than I thought. I better eat well this weekend since I have been splurging on sweets this week.

To be very specific in my dream I looked in the mirror and my mid section was ALL THERE!


  I need these pictures to help me keep fighting for the life I want to keep.  Yesterday the food yelled louder than the self restraint.


Thankfully this is my actual middle just 2 days ago. Maybe this is my subconscious warning me to do something now before I end up back there.  1 pound at a time is all it takes.  I am 15 pounds more than I really want to be so maybe I just need to find the strength to NOT EAT all the fluff and stick to just the REAL WHOLE FOODS! and in moderation!!! Not MAYBE, I HAVE TO!

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