Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Confused! and a bit Frustrated!

You know you are working out like crazy and eating right but why is the scale going the wrong way or why is it not moving fast enough?  I just had a wonderful conversation with a friend about this very thing.  She has 50 pounds to lose to reach her goal and my same 10 pounds are haunting me still.  Yep, the scale is back to 186 again. Why?  I am not sure why to be honest.  I am working out literally 1 1/2 - 2 hours cardio a day and doing toning. I am watching what I eat but the scale isn't showing me the results I want.

This sadly isn't the first time I have been through this.  It seems to happen every few months.  Your body needs time to change and with monthly hormone cycles and changes in stress levels and so many other factors we just sometimes can't explain why we aren't seeing the results.  Just be assured that if you are doing everything right then eventually you will see the big pay off.  It just may not be tomorrow but possibly next week. 

 If things really don't seem to be changing on the scale for you then it's time for you to change part of your routine.  Vary your calorie intake day to day to keep your body guessing and that will improve your metabolism.  Switch up your exercises every few days not only so you don't get bored but also so your body gets a better workout.  also remember that you will gain a certain amount of muscle mass along with losing fat so if the scale isn't moving but your clothes are fitting loser, smile because good change is happening.

Of course if all else fails and we can't figure out what we need to do then go to the one who knows all, Our Heavenly Father.  Maybe we should speak with Him first.  I continually pray for help in keeping my healthy goals.  I have gained a lot of strength with in myself this past 18 months since I started this journey but I know that without divine help I can not become who I want to be and who He needs me to be.

Good luck and keep making the healthier choice and you will reach your goals!!!


  1. I definitely agree with varying what you do in terms of exercise, etc. Changing up your routine helps dieting not to seem monotonous and boring. Good luck on those ten pounds!

  2. can you tell me what you workout program I have a Elipcel and Treadmill they are old and the controls don't have any program

  3. My elliptical has 10 tension levels. When I get on the elliptical if I want to do a hard sweat dripping workout then I'll push myself and do 1 hour at level 10 tension. If I want a calorie burning less difficult workout then I'll do 2 min at 4 tension then up to 8 tension for 2 minutes then back and forth for 30 min. I usually just do the 1 hour workout and push though it. Now I have been working out for 18 months now so you'll need to start slowly and work up to it. On the treadmill I either run at 5.5-6 miles/hour for 3.2 (5K) or run for 5 miles. I set my goal at the beginning of the workout and then do it. Last night I wanted a lower stress workout so I walked 3 miles at 4.3 miles/hour then ran at 5.5 for 2 miles. My incline is broken so I run flat.