Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Update on My Health

The doctor called me today to let me know that I don't exactly have an infection yet but there is concern that one will start any minute. I am having localized tenderness and a warm sensation on my back so she is concerned that an infection has begun. My liver enzymes were very high as well as my bilirubin which shows distress with my liver. She hopes those numbers come down as soon as my gallbladder comes out.  She apologized for the nurse worrying me about having an infection but she does want to put me on two different antibiotics to prevent an infection because she said it could be very serious if I get one. She repeated 3 times to do directly to the emergency room if I get a fever because it is that serious.  I hate it when a doctor says, " I don't want to scare you but you must understand how serious this situation could become if you get a fever." So I'm off to get some very expensive antibiotics to keep the infection away or to get rid of it if one has in fact started.  I wish they could just take my gallbladder out NOW and not have to wait a week.  I don't like knowing that my body is sick and having to wait to get it fixed.  I really feel for people with really serious health problems because I sure am not handling this situation very well.


  1. Yikes, this is slightly scary. I hope it doesn't turn into anything serious with the help of the antibiotics. Take care of yourself! (Silly statement-you're pretty good with that). How about "I hope you feel better soon!"

    Good luck!!!

  2. If something like this had to happen, I'm glad you're now in great shape and on a consistently healthy diet so that your body would be strong enough to bounce back from infection/surgery. You're a strong woman, continue taking care of yourself!