Thursday, January 27, 2011


I actually stopped counting calories the last few days and have done morning and evening cardio but at a lower intensity and I am seeing results. The scale was down to 183 this morning. I am no longer focusing so much on the numbers (it is nice to see them go down though) but on how I feel and look.  My clothes still fit well even when the scale jumped up to 189 last week.  I think a lot of my weight fluctuation the last month or so is my gallbladder problems.  We'll see how my goal for balance goes as it is removed. 

In talking to the surgeon yesterday he told me that if I want to walk a mile the day after surgery to do it!  He said I can even run when I feel up to it.  He warned me that I'd probably be too tired to do too much but just to listen to my body. No crunches, kickboxing or weights over 20 pounds for 6-8 weeks to let my insides completely recover.  I'll have to stick to that because I don't want a hernia! I was  really impressed with him and he put me at ease as far as my recovery worries. The surgeon and his P.A. were very impressed by my weight loss and congratulated me on it and told Dan he should be so proud of me.  It always feels good to hear that from people in the medical field. I felt like cheering "YEAH ME!" It has been a long hard road but it is worth it not to have my weight limiting my life anymore!!!

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  1. I was wondering how you are feeling. It's good that you can still workout while you wait for surgery. You are in such great shape now I'm sure your recovery will be quick and easy. Good luck with the surgery and keep us posted.