Saturday, February 19, 2011

Latter-day Saints try to become ‘Biggest Loser’ |

Latter-day Saints try to become ‘Biggest Loser’ |

I workout every Tuesday night to "The Biggest Loser". I didn't watch the show when I was losing my first 15o pounds or so but got hooked last season and it is a great motivator for me to keep going. I loved reading about the LDS participants in this article. It must be so difficult to be away from your families and just engulfed in exercise all day long but what great changes they are making in their lives. I volunteered to teach Relief Society (woman's church meeting) in 2 weeks on basically healthy living and the Word of Wisdom. I have been doing some wonderful research and will be sharing soon some of my great finds.

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  1. Totally didn't know that they were members, that's great thanks! Good job on the volunteering. I find that the more I am out there and talk about my weight loss the more it helps me be more motivated to keep going. Especially when I can talk honestly about how hard it is and but worth it, and that everything is just one small step or mouth full at a time. Can't wait to hear how the meetings went.