Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine’s Dinner and Dance 2011


We had a great time and I danced some slow songs with my sweetheart.  I am married to the BEST man in the world!!!!  I love you with everything that I am! I also danced a song with my teenager.  He has been taking Ballroom Dance classes after school twice a week and he led me like a pro.  He is becoming a wonderful dancer!                                                                                                 087


  1. You look fantastic! I hope it didn't bust you up to go, you sure look well enough. I love your dress.

  2. This is so cute! And yes the dress does look fab!!

  3. Hi Becky, My name is Brenda Horrocks...I live in the 8th ward. DJ Conger told me about your blog and I am so thankful she did. I am 38, mother of 4 and trying to find my way back to the real me. Thank you for putting so much of yourself on your blog...I am anxious to devour it. I have lost 40 - 60 pounds in the past but here I am needing to lose 100 now. I sometimes feel overwhelmed and feel as though nothing will really change...thank you for inspiring me.