Wednesday, May 4, 2011


2 years  ago today I hit rock bottom.  I was sitting at the Hope of America performance but not with my family.  I was too big for the seats so I sat up high and to the side on a bench.  I didn’t want everyone to miss out on good seats because of me so I told them to stay where they were and I sat where I could. I bribed my little girl to sit with me so I wouldn’t be all alone.  I told myself that night that when my next son performed in Hope of America in 2 years that I would fit into those seats and baby I had room to spare!!!

These are the pictures from 2 years ago at the same event. 


Now pictures today:


Yes, I really did take that picture!  Plenty of room now!!!



What an amazing night!!!

I’ll write more later because my morning 4 mile run comes in 6 hours.


  1. Woohoo for fitting comfortably in that seat...something so simple, yet so important at the same time.

    And...a 4 mile run the next am - I wonder what you did the next morning two years ago?

    Have a great run!

  2. AWESOME!!! And I LOVE it that you took a picture of your room to spare :)
    Looks like an amazing event! Hope that run goes well :)

  3. Becky your making me cry again! I really believe that you are the "HOPE OF AMERICA"