Monday, May 23, 2011

My B-Day Present to Myself

This is my birthday week and I've decided that enough is enough with the eating whatever whenever.  I'm not eating horribly, actually I'm still eating really well but I'm slipping back into some old habits and I need to stop.  So my gift to myself is eating clean and healthy again.  I figure if I focus hard on it this week then it'll get me back on track.

I have also been loving all of the outdoor exercise I've been getting.  Saturday I did 30 miles on the bike, a 16 mile ride with my sister then a 14 mile ride with Brandon and Nathan (2 of my sons).  This morning I did my 4 mile run then 5 mile bike ride. I LOVE EXERCISE!!!  I can't believe the rain waited for me this morning.  I want it to stop so the kids and I can do our afternoon bike ride.

So I am going to blog all my food and water intake this week so that I am totally accountable to myself along with my exercise.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY week to me! As a bonus I feel really happy about my body today.  I feel so healthy and strong!!!

10am Report:

exercise: 4 mile run, 5 mile bike ride
water: 3 cups
food: 1/2 banana (45 cal), 1 carbmaster yogurt (60 cal)

12:30pm Report:

food: green salad with 3 mushrooms, 1/4 cup green pepper, 1 roma tomato and 2 slices ham (130 cal)
1 slice homemade multi-grain bread, 1/2 banana  (195 cal)
water: 4 cups

2:30pm Report

small apple (80 cal)
slice of fresh pineapple (75cal)

4:30pm Report
exercise 4 mile bike ride with Brandon

1 slice homemade bread 150 cal
3 cups water

6:45pm Report

1 cup pasta with fresh tomato marinara sauce (400 cal)
2 cups steamed broccoli (100 cal)
3 chunks fresh pineapple (40 cal)
1 slice homemade bread (150 cal)
4 cups water

Total Calories: 1325
water:14 cups
Exercise: 8 miles bike, 4 mile run, 1 hour elliptical, 30 min toning


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet heart! As always cheering you along!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! You are so amazing!
    I love that you are posting what you are me a better idea on how I should eat. I am getting back in gear this week too. I think I am finally ready to get going has been a long and crazy (and rather stressful) 6 weeks. Can't wait for the sun to come out and stay for a while. :)