Monday, May 2, 2011

Today is a New Day

My whole outlook is changed and I feel more in focus once again.  I did totally ENJOY food Saturday but ate too many strawberries.  I haven’t allowed myself to lose complete control over food and still haven’t given myself permission to order anything with a cream sauce or a burger, fries, shake, etc…. since I began this journey almost 2 years ago.  I just got tired of being so restrictive on foods.  I am going to try to get portion control figured out.  I just don’t know if I can eat just one cookie.  I know that sounds ridiculous but if I east one then I want more. The thing I went crazy over was chocolate.  So this month NO CHOCOLATE at all.  I know I can do it but it’ll be difficult not to even have one chocolate chip. 

I was so pleased when I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down to 191 pounds again. I know most of the up/down is water weight but I’ll take a weight loss any day! YEAH!!!  I  exercised a lot last week outside.  Between the bike and running I hit 32 miles for the week!!! I’d like to break 50 miles this week if the weather man was correct with the warm weather that we have coming.  I love riding my bike!

I hope we all have a GREAT week. I am rededicated to eating right.  Thanks for all of your support and ideas,  it means so much to me!


  1. Great job, Becky! Sometimes going "cold turkey" on something makes all the difference... no wiggle room. Good for you for finding that "reset" button :) Hope the weather is cooperative!

  2. Wait isn't it your birthday this month? No chocolate for your birthday seems a little harsh but then again I don't want any for mine!! I wish someone somewhere had all the answers and could just give me a game plan so I could follow that and everything would work out. But part of the journey is figuring it out, individually. You really are doing great, don't ever forget you have all the help you need you just have to ask for it! xoxo