Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What was most important this past week….

I have found that when I focus too much on myself and my exercise and eating right that I get overwhelmed and it leads to eating more and not the good stuff.  I have tried reaching outside of myself more and focusing on what is most important in life, my family and strengthening my faith in Christ, to keep me on track.  It is slowly helping.

Here are some pictures of my past week.  I have loved every minute.  I wish I had my camera with me for my weekend taking care of Dan’s mom with the two girls and visiting my grandparents in the rest home.  Those were huge highlights to my week also as well as teaching the Gospel Doctrine lesson on The Stripling Warriors.

phone Aug 2012 204

Letting them choose whatever they want to eat at lunch.

phone Aug 2012 222

phone Aug 2012 233

phone Aug 2012 231

phone Aug 2012 230Stopping at the park on the way home from town to let the kids play for a few minutes.

phone Aug 2012 155

Doing facials with the girls.

phone Aug 2012 163Getting my toes painted by the best.


Attending a wonderful day at Education Week that filled my heart with exactly what I needed to hear. My Heavenly Father was so kind to me that I came home with my cup overflowing with the spirit.

phone Aug 2012 352Impromptu water play.

phone Aug 2012 427phone Aug 2012 423phone Aug 2012 270phone Aug 2012 393 

phone Aug 2012 284

A fun day out with my girls instead of spending 12 hours at BYU’s Education Week because they needed their Mom!

phone Aug 2012 332


phone Aug 2012 398Stopping to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

005Silly string fight!


byu dancesport 093Enjoying the sunset.


  1. What a wonderful week you seem to have had! What park was that? It looked awesome. :)

    1. The park is Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs. It is amazing! The address is: Neptune Park‎
      452 West 400 North
      Saratoga Springs