Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reality and Change

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My amazing friend and running partner and I have embarked on a 35 day challenge to lose 10 pounds.  She is tiny already but has always had a goal to lose 10 pounds more to feel great and heaven knows I have closer to 20 pounds I really want to lose.  Anyway, we are running 6 days a week, just 3-4 miles a day.  We are to keep our calories around 14oo and sticking to a food list we created for ourselves individually.  We each created our own vision boards to give encouragement.  Well as you can see the scale had climbed up further but it is coming down.  I fluctuate so much with water weight but I can’t wait to see 100’s again. 

It will happen! 

35 days till I reach at least 10 pounds lost!!!


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