Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt

We have this amazing park close by with an incredible rope pyramid.  My boys love climbing on it and reach the top very quickly.  The girls stay on the lowest section. It is really high, 30 feet high.  It scares me to watch them play tag up there and jump from one rope to another and even climb on the outside.  Sometimes I just have to turn away I worry so much. 

Well, this past Monday we went to Neptune Park for an activity for Family Home Evening. I have climbed up before but only a little ways to where my hands could touch the net.  That was high enough.  Dan was climbing too and Nathan said,” Mom I know you and Dad can touch the ball at the top. YOU CAN DO IT!” My son had complete faith in my ability to climb.  Well I was already scared half to death to be actually sitting on the net and then standing on the net for a picture.  That was enough for me. 

My inner voice was saying NO WAY!  YOU CAN”T DO THIS.  THIS IS HARD.  YOU ARE SCARED!!!  I was terrified!  Well Dan continued climbing as well as our 3 boys.  Off they went feeling safe and confident.  I looked up and realized that I don’t need to question my strength and agility. I am not the 400 pound woman I once was. I could do this.  Yes it was scary but I had the ability to do this! One step at a time I made it to the top.  This was HUGE for me!  I overcame a very real fear and put myself in what I believed was danger and became victorious over my self doubts.  Go do something that stretches your beliefs about yourself.  It is very freeing and you will feel AMAZING!



News article quote:  — A 30-foot climbing pyramid is the star attraction of a new regional park that boldly sends the signal that playground fun is making a comeback over the litigious season that spelled the demise of the merry-go-round and the teeter-totter.

"The (City) Council wanted to go and reach out and really capture attention with something," said City Manager Mark Christensen.

The "Neptune" pyramid is being billed as the largest of its type, and one of only three in the world, said City Councilwoman Rebecca Call. Its size makes it taller than most two-story houses.


  1. Where is this park? That looks like so much fun! :) And congrats on overcoming your fear and discovering another amazing thing your body can do. Awesome!

  2. Thats amazing! Good for you! I would've been scared to death also :)