Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Angels: Personal Entry

I use my blogs as my journal as well so this may seem like a weird blog enrty but I need to write this.

I have really felt like I have been blessed with so many earthly angels lately. They come in all shapes and sizes. This is as a reminder that I am loved and watched over closely by my Heavenly Father.  He knows me and He is blessing me through ALL I come into contact with.

Some of my angel visits:

  • my sweet husband quietly doing the dishes and laundry after a long day of work
  • a quick "hi" over the fence by my dear friend Stace when sitting on the porch late into the evening while searching in the Ensign for a message of comfort
  • a huge hug from my little Jaimee when she sees me getting frustrated
  • encouraging words to keep me running from my amazing running partner and friend Daina when I feel like I can't go any further
  • a smile and love notes given to me during sacrament meeting by my Laura
  • a firm handshake and heart felt, "How are you?" from my wonderful Bishop.
  • a sincere compliment on my outfit from my wonderful Relief Society President, Kim
  •  being told my my dear friend and neighbor Teresa that my lesson touched her and she learned something she hadn't thought of before
  •  Brandon snuggling up to me on the bench at church and wanting me to cuddle him
  • Running into Laurel at Thanksgiving Point and hugging her and seeing her beautiful smile.Then her sweet reply to my message that I inspire her but really SHE is one of my inspirations.
  • hearing from a sister, Katrina, that I used to visiting teach that I was an answer to her prayers
  •  the smiles of strangers at Education Week
  • the inspired messages by the speakers that I was able to receive inspiration on how to be happy and successful during this mortal journey
  • Nathan giving me a big kiss on the cheek and saying, "I love you." 
  • The lingering hug from my biggest boy Michael after a long emotional discussion
  • A phone call from my sister Anna
  • Text messages from friends
  • Kind blog comments
I have loved this song ever since I heard it many years ago.  I hope as you watch it that you will think of some of your earthly angels.


  1. I just love you to pieces! And clearly, so do many others.

    1. I love you too. You are amazing! I should have written: Katrina who became a wonderful friend through visiting teaching.

  2. Oh Becky, Alma 41:15
    For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored....
    I just saying!! You are my angel.