Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Phone Call Made My Day

What a wonderful surprise to get a phone call from an old friend (we ran into each other at Time Out For Women).  She wanted to know more about what I am doing to keep my weight off and how I did it.  I love helping others try to find something that will work for them.  I know that my way may not work for everyone but I do believe that if you include your Heavenly Father in your plan you will only WIN!  Everyday is still a struggle but it is very worth it when I can get out and run, run, run and not hurt or feel exhausted. I am doing things I never dreamed of.  I limited myself so much by my weight. I truly feel free now! Now if only losing weight took away all of the normal everyday stress of life.  I am no happier than I used to be but I am able to do different things and some things are easier.  I think many of us think that being smaller will make us happier and that just isn't what brings happiness.  Love yourself where you are today and even if you make just one healthier choice today than you did yesterday then you are making progress!

Good Luck to everyone as we go through the tough Holiday season of sugar, butter and white flour!  Yep I was elbow deep in it all morning for a cookie exchange I have tomorrow.  Crazy thing is that they didn't even taste good to me anymore.  I guess my taste buds really have changed. Just the thought of so much butter turned my stomach.  I better figure out a yummy Christmas Cookie recipe I can share with everyone soon. Now off to run!  Baking all morning has thrown off my schedule!

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