Monday, December 27, 2010

Time to Get Back on Track

I gave myself permission to enjoy lots of sugary treats this past week.  They were delicious and I ate plenty.  They tasted good but I was disappointed in my lack of self control.  Once I eat one cookie or take one bite of chocolate I want more and more.  I never ate excessively, just 3 cookies or 2 sections of a Toblerone (now maybe that is excessive), but why not stop at one? So now I'm making a goal to be off of sweets for the next month.  I need to give my body a break from sugar and I think I'll be happier. I did find time to burn 1000 calories on the elliptical Christmas night and it felt great.  I am now going to go work out like crazy!  I had my green smoothie and now I need my endorphin rush to get me through the day!

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