Monday, December 13, 2010

What’s For Lunch

I get a lot of questions on food choices.  I want to feel like I am eating regular food but just healthier choices.  I also like to feel full. Here is what’s for lunch today:
2 hot dogs- 40 calories each –total 80 calories
14 chips –70 calories
1 tablespoon homemade mustard relish- 15 calories
1 medium apple- 70 calories
3 mushrooms- 15 calories
grape tomatoes- 15 calories
24 oz water
Total calories for lunch: 265 calories
I’ll have a rice cake for my dessert (50 or 60 calories depending on the flavor I choose.)

Keep in mind this is just lunch.  I have a 300-350 calorie smoothie for breakfast, a morning snack of usually 150 calories, lunch of 300-500 calories . An afternoon snack of 200-300 calories then dinner of around 500-700 calories. I eat this much because I am running an average of 4 miles plus 45min-hour of toning 5 days a week.  It's all in finding balance.  I still weigh every morning to make sure I am staying in my goal range. I burn about 750 calories a day working out so I can eat more than I used to.

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