Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feeling good!

Yesterday I attended a cookie exchange.  What delicious cookies!  Yes I gave myself permission to indulge and they were delicious.  When excess calories are taken in of course you have to burn them off so today I ran 4 miles then went to Kickboxing and did an hour there.  I'm feeling good!  I've come a long way to try to find this balance.  Last year I didn't touch sweets.  Now I can enjoy them a little at a time and work off the extra calories. I did only eat 3 cookies and will enjoy they rest over the next week.


  1. So much for enjoying the cookies over the next week. I ate two more after lunch and put the rest in my hubbies bag. I just didn't want the temptation anymore. Maybe I'll walk a mile or two before bed to get rid of those 400 extra calories in the delicious Christmas cookies I just enjoyed!

  2. Cookies mmm and mailk mmmmmm!!!!!