Friday, February 3, 2012

Dressing Up - Valentine’s Dance

One day a year I get all fancied up with a new dress and jewelry and dance the night away with my sweetheart.  I love wearing a beautiful dress and feeling elegant.  Even though the theme was a luau this year and most people were in shorts or jeans I still dressed up because you can’t get me to part with a tradition that has been going on for 12 years.  My dress is second hand for $15 and I wanted my arms a little more covered so I bought 3 yards of brown and blue tulle.  I sure love to dress up!!!

valentines dance 007crop

What I find interesting is the change I can see in my physique.  My upper body and core is so strong now.  I am much “straighter” and less curvy than I used to be since I have muscles there now. What’s great too is that it is a misses size 9/10!

valentines dance 025crop


  1. You are beautiful! What a pretty dress!

  2. Love that the dress only cost $15 dollars, ahhh buying second hand one of my top ten things I love about my weight loss. You look great hope you had a blast.